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Poor pickings

By Bill Nicholls

My travels of late have not been up to much and an update from Newbury parkway SU4767 : Towards Northbrook Street by Bill Nicholls SU4767 : Debenhams by Bill Nicholls along with a short trip along the Upton cutting SU5086 : Cutting to the bridge by Bill Nicholls SU5086 : Wreck by the mark by Bill Nicholls and some local photos SU5087 : Corn store and Power Station by Bill Nicholls SU6098 : Toll House on the corner by Bill Nicholls SU7682 : Over the Thames to the boathouse by Bill Nicholls near me only meant that I should get out again.
Sunday proved nice and sunny if with a hint of cold in the air. Time for another quick walk along the river Kennet. My next walk would take from Woolhampton for a couple of miles to Migeham Lock and find the next lot of remaining pillboxes.
A quick photocall round Woolhampton was first on the agenda which seemed a small village with quite a few old building and a rather nice Victorian water fountain SU5766 : Jubilee fountain by Bill Nicholls SU5766 : A4 to Newbury by Bill Nicholls
Once done it was off along the Kennet towpath following people out for a Sunday morning walk SU5666 : First of the narrowboats by Bill Nicholls. Not far from Woolhampton Lock you come to Oxlease swing Bridge SU5666 : Oxlease Bridge by Bill Nicholls where I spotted a few canoeists coming under the bridge SU5666 : Ducking under by Bill Nicholls. This was well worth getting some photos of as they ducked under the bridge SU5666 : Ducking under by Bill Nicholls. On going round the other side to get more pictures I noticed more canoeists heading towards me SU5666 : Powering in by Bill Nicholls SU5666 : Looking along from Oxlease by Bill Nicholls this turned out to be a prequel for the Devizes to London race and they were not hanging about. From then until I finished my walk all the photos I took had canoeists in SU5666 : Away from the lock by Bill Nicholls
The next lock along was a hive of activity with canoeists going round the lock
SU5666 : Racing around by Bill Nicholls so keeping out of the way was a necessity. The lock itself was like many others along the Kennet and any sign of the pillboxes which were there had long been removed SU5666 : More competitors by Bill Nicholls SU5666 : The mooring area by Bill Nicholls.
The next section was much like the last with people walking along the towpath and cyclists who were outriders for the canoeists giving them encouragement or just being there as back up. Cranwell swingbridge was next along where you crossed to the opposite bank which gave an opportunity to get some more photos of styles of people negotiating the bridge SU5566 : That's how it's done by Bill Nicholls . At time the river seemed to clear only to have more canoeists come along SU5566 : Paddling down the river by Bill Nicholls then finally a bridge comes into view
SU5566 : Bending to the bridge by Bill Nicholls with a lock beyond that SU5566 : Midgham Bridge by Bill Nicholls the over to the right a pillbox SU5566 : First one of the day by Bill Nicholls.
The day had been worth the walk. More photos of the canoeists running under the bridge after bypassing the lock SU5566 : Running under the bridge by Bill Nicholls. A short walk on past there proved devoid of pillboxes so I set off back only to spot there was the base of a Type 28A beside the lock SU5566 : Lock from the Bridge by Bill Nicholls SU5566 : The second Pillbox by Bill Nicholls Some photos were taken and more of the pillbox the other side SU5566 : Towards the back by Bill Nicholls The road bridge over the railway proved devoid of benchmarks so after watching the canoeists who I had seen in the first place coming back I headed off back to the car SU5566 : Another tries his luck by Bill Nicholls SU5566 : Coming and going by Bill Nicholls SU5566 : One in one out by Bill Nicholls.
On the way home I stopped off at Thatcham to bag the trig pillar and benchmark there SU5168 : Triangulation pillar and Thatcham by Bill Nicholls
then off towards Hermitage to find Pinewood Halt. I drove past the place remembering it for a future visit then stopping off at a bridge for another benchmark SU5174 : Four Elms Benchmark by Bill Nicholls and some photos of the rail cutting and bridge that took the Didcot to Newbury railway SU5174 : Wheel by the tree by Bill Nicholls. That done it was off home to finish decorating the kitchen and to plan my next trek out.
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