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If you're visiting London

By Robin Stott

London! Despite living there in the 1960s we decided we'd like to live in different parts of the country (together!). We began our ramble round Britain, living, working or studying in TG2207 : Winding footpath by Lis Burke Norwich, SE5547 : Askham Bryan College by DS Pugh York, NO1224 : The River Tay Perth by colin adamson Perth and SP3065 : View over Warwick to Leamington by Robin Stott Warwick for the last 28 years. In the sixties I found London increasingly oppressive but now when I visit I thoroughly enjoy it; it's easy to get around; it's a pleasure to just walk, there's so much to see. And photograph.
On a sunny Sunday in May this year, with a ticket for TQ3281 : Barbican, Silk Street (1) by Stephen Richards in my pocket, I set out on foot from TQ2781 : Marylebone Station by Stephen McKay, heading for TQ3180 : The Queen's Walk at Gabriel's Wharf, SE1 by Robin Stott to meet daughter No.2 for lunch. The camera was filling and time was passing so when I reached TQ2980 : Snapping Pooh Bear, Regent Street, W1 by Robin Stott I got the bus to TQ3180 : IMAX Cinema, Waterloo by Colin Smith. More photos. A good chat with daughter over pizza by the river. Set out for the City. More photos. A once-in-a-lifetime experience (Einstein on the Beach by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson) at the Barbican and then home TQ3281 : Platforms 2 & 3 Barbican Station by Julian Osley, happy. Even while snapping away I was conscious that London has already generated tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of photos TQ3079 : The London Eye in Red White and Blue by PAUL FARMER. Before submitting my own I wasn't looking forward to checking what had already been taken, but was pleasantly surprised to find that there is a great deal that hasn't been snapped.
TQ2881 : Sunday market by Aybrook Street W1 by Robin StottTQ3180 : Dr Rosalind Franklin and Photo 51 by Robin StottTQ3180 : Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre by Robin StottTQ3180 : Kayaking on King's Reach, River Thames by Robin StottTQ3281 : Square Mile Pillo-Kar Station, Carter Lane, EC4 by Robin Stott

So if you're in the capital with the camera this Christmas or New Year, don't waste battery on the obvious shots. Look around: there's lots more waiting to be photographed, not to mention life going on. London's for the taking.

Tue, 18 Dec 2012 at 23:23
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