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The new season

By David Howard

This year I set myself three simple goals for the photography season (April-September while the clocks are forward), to beat the distance between two squares, ideally enough to potentially beat two myriads horizontally or vertically (nowhere like diagonally which adds 50 miles), from 122.8 miles to beyond 125, which I did shortly after, adding one just short of 130 in Ashford. South of London is now completed unless I do the old run using Waterloo Bridge when it was still free to cross during the day, heading towards the east Kent peninsula. Otherwise it's north and west remaining for the second trip, ideally one adding a myriad, and none less than 80 miles as that's now the record to beat. The second plan was to get Robin Webster's amazing find of a multi-destination pre-Worboys yellow sign, something so familiar in London till Ken Livingstone removed them all around 2001 I forgot to take pictures of them, all to Hatfield, Aylesbury and even South Wales around the area I lived in. The only others were 200 miles away plus, way past the level of a reasonable journey, so had to get that while it was still there and with work busier than usual during the week for over a month (that's not that busy but busier than before) wasn't possible till now.

TR0340 : Bad Munstereifel Road, Sevington by David Howard

Meanwhile the compensation which was well worth it was I had been searching south of London instead for my weekends and in five searches discovered eight new signs including two I only discovered while driving home by total chance. So I already had a profit from being prevented from going there for so long and finally got the chance last week and managed it without any drawbacks, and being diverted right instead of left due to the absence of directions anywhere in Braintree gained many more interesting squares than returning on the main road as planned, including many with only one or two photos on them. I got a second sign on the way in Felsted which I hadn't even known where it was till I discovered this one in Braintree and saw it was nearby. So ten signs for the price of two was an amazing deal, as I hit Streetview hard every week when I couldn't head east and it had plenty of treasure.

TL6720 : Pre-Worboys direction sign on Station Road, Felsted by David Howard TL7525 : Pre-Worboys sign, Bocking Church Street by David Howard SU9032 : Pre-Worboys sign on the corner of Tennyson's Lane by David Howard TQ1710 : Pre-Worboys T junction map sign, Maudlin Lane by David Howard

Now I can relax, as no places can shift anywhere and could go somewhere else if any do, and just want to finish the planned jobs for 2013 so the house and garden can get the attention they need, and a few friends I need to visit. If the next is done there are always more, but not scheduled for this year unless I felt like it. Road wise I've worked out the easiest of the possible runs and am also checking the train timetables to see if any of them offer an easy run somewhere as well like I always used to do.

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