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Mission complete

By David Howard

July 29th actually saw the completion of a two year mission here, after uploading about 4,000 archives over winter 2010 I began making specific Geographing trips, with ambitions to get into all the compass points and adjacent myriads. I was very busy last year doing a trip a week on average during the long days, sharing the driving, and knocked off myriads SZ, TV, TR and finally TM after having driven into a field the first time and having to return to actually cross the line on the following week.

I then began part two, extending the furthest points between red spots, going NW to Bourton on the Hill SP1732 : Cotswold stone buildings on the A44, Bourton on the Hill by David Howard and SE to Battle, TQ7515 : Mini roundabout on Upper Lake, Battle by David Howard to complete the 2012 leg of the mission. Having covered a few thousand miles on the clock the following year was to be far more specific, and also had the great fortune to find over ten more pre-Worboys signs all over the SE meaning they had priority as you can turn up a week later to find them gone even after lasting over 50 years initially. So while aiming to beat my distance and add another myriad, my first creating four in a row (edges, but they all count) I was hopping off to Sussex and Kent which were turning up a couple a week via both Streetview, existing sites with photos, and random chance when driving there and back spotting even more. The overlapping job was going to Braintree to get my first ever yellow bordered pre-Worboys sign with more than one name on it TL7525 : Pre-Worboys sign, Bocking Church Street by David Howard (more common on major roads so removed before the ones tucked away or just for local places).

Within a week or two of the clocks going back I got to Ashford TR0242 : Hythe Road, Willesborough by David Howard, and with no A-Z (when I collected old train tickets in the 80s I'd buy one of every city I visited as I went to ten or more stations in a day) just tried to aim east to extend my limit, took wrong turnings and recovered and meant I covered far more squares doing so than expected plus a little one extra when a roundabout turned out to have a fifth exit when I took the fourth. Then weeks of going south for the rich vein of signs which cropped up possibly faster than at any time since I started looking in 2008. That got me to Sissinghurst, Steyning (I though that had gone but turned out the reason I couldn't see it on Streetview was a hedge had grown across it which I removed), High Brooms, Sunninghill SU9367 : Exchange Road, Sunninghill by David Howard, Windsor, Haslemere, Chatham TQ7567 : Statue of Thomas Fletcher Waghorn and gardens on Maidstone Road, Chatham by David Howard and Cuckfield TQ3024 : Cuckfield High Street by David Howard before finally making it to Braintree (the route there is littered with bottlenecks and was lucky I had a free run after the previous visit). I then continued searching and found a quite probably unique beauty in Sawbridgeworth TL4814 : Vantorts Road at the junction of Sheering Mill Lane by David Howard, also allowing me to pick up Harlow's 13th and apparently last pre-Worboys direction sign, followed by a second road number arrow with two names on it in Aldershot. Sadly the advice has been not to geolocate pre-Worboys signs still in place as many have coincidentally vanished soon after it has happened anywhere in the past, so I now add them here when I find they've gone already. There is no way of proving a connection between revelation and removal but any risk is not worth it.

That completed every single sign known for the first time since I'd begun looking (unless you include one in Hutton which requires a half mile walk through a field, and on railway property although still counts as they were usually located on public roads) so was then set to just add a new myriad before the clocks went back, which my father generously offered to take me on the 29th to save my energy for photography. The camera performed incredibly well on the move, not the fancy new one which couldn't focus from a moving vehicle, but the old compact which hadn't done that well the last time I tried so stopped, but didn't have the time to keep stopping on the 80 mile plus journey so just took regular shots out of the window which amazed me in nearly all being not just usable but quite respectable.

All other trips are now optional for me, and can now return to what I did before Geograph specific trips, taking nice and interesting views.

TQ2487 : Train approaching the bridge on Woodstock Road (2) by David Howard TQ1977 : Kew Green looking towards Kew Road by David Howard TQ2073 : Tree by White Lodge, Richmond Park by David Howard

TQ1977 : Pond by Kew Green by David Howard TQ1882 : Office building on Hanger Lane, Ealing by David Howard

TQ2689 : Houses on Blandford Close, Hampstead Garden Suburb by David Howard
The camera goes almost everywhere with me and take whatever I see that catches my eye I haven't taken before. Of course I would like to add more indefinitely, but it will now need 80 plus miles each time to stretch my coverage, and can always potter around filling in green spaces between the red ones when I have the time as well. I wouldn't dream of trying to compete with anyone else here, like the gym you can't do more than beat your own records as everyone's circumstances are different. But it's very satisfying having both done that and all of them now.

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