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Keeping the momentum

By David Howard

Following my last entry I had about six weeks before the clocks go back (less time now) and wasn't going to make a fool of myself trying to get anywhere really ambitious to get held up and it get dark before I made it there. As it happened I found a few old road signs in Henley on Thames after checking because there was one known there, none were new to me but better condition, plus one which may or may not be council issued which certainly was new to me, no way to river. In the end the one I wanted more had been removed (the post was still there), as it was the only other right one way street, mine being very worn as the paint needed redoing. But two nice no entries, very rare and one was in fairly good nick, and a left one way street (about my 7th, no idea why the unbalance as they simply depend which side of the road they were placed regardless). I refrain from adding them here as my little collectors group (226 members currently) all find when they give locations some vanish soon afterwards. I do add mine here if they do vanish as then it's a record, but although many have been which are still present it's probably safer not to, so none to be displayed here. Henley was also in a green gap so well worth the relatively easy trip via Maidenhead, and carried on to Bix before turning back.

Having enjoyed the magic of seeing my trips arrive on the map on the geotrips I saw so many people had done walks that became my next mission, and as you can't get many squares without being a seasoned distance walker I wasn't planning to do it for them, and just checked to see areas I'd barely taken any photos. That has produced one or two a week since I started, the latest all being taken in heavy rain as it started the minute I arrived.

TQ2665 : Edinburgh Road, Benhilton by David Howard being a typical example, with maybe a quarter failing the weather test and not making publication. I've seen so many corners a road or two from the main ones I'd never have bothered to otherwise, and some interesting old council signs, a whole bunch like these in Southgate which included directions to both house numbers and local locations normally found on signposts.

TQ2894 : Interesting old street name sign for Knoll Drive by David Howard This bunch bumped up my total in the square to 39 as each was a pair, covered three roads and then quite a few on the shopping parade pointing to where the shops were. Having grown up in an area where most roads were linked by paths and I explored them all on my bike, I take every path and alleyway I see, this was just one example TQ2894 : Alleyway off Woodfield Drive, Southgate by David Howard. I also discovered much of Kensal Rise, where I'd passed through for a few years once a week to college actually has a lot of very nice houses in it behind the main roads such as these TQ2384 : Aylestone Avenue at the junction of Chudleigh Road by David Howard. In fact it seems although leaving a gap in Cricklewood the Golders Green style of houses did continue south to parts of Brondesbury where I went the previous week and Kensal Rise, which I always thought were a few exceptions till now. I walked where no car can pass in Edgware, as an entire area bounded by four A roads will not cross the stream at any point by road, so had never gone to look there till now.

Of course that meant the only way across was by my favourite paths TQ1991 : Path between Brook Avenue and West Way by David Howard TQ1991 : Path between Brook Avenue and West Way by David Howard TQ1991 : Path between Brook Avenue and Farm Road by David Howard so plenty of new material there. And also another favourite, a footbridge over a dual carriageway. TQ2092 : The A41 Edgware by David Howard I also discovered at least three parks I didn't know existed although there are others a few blocks away I did, TQ2283 : King Edward VII Park, Willesden by David Howard TQ2383 : Playing fields by Tiverton Road by David Howard TQ2894 : Brunswick Park, New Southgate by David Howard. Finally I filled in various gaps around my own patch, I have five full hectads so far so need to go a bit further now for new territory, but covered Norwood TQ3171 : House on Crown Dale, Norwood by David Howard Henley of course SU7682 : Friday Street, Henley on Thames by David Howard (also allowing me to add a couple of old scans as I won't add any pre-digital photos to gain a new square as they are so random) and adding some more to TQ17, meaning I can now finish it in one more visit. TQ1178 : Brent Road from the junction of Western Road by David Howard

Overall I've been squashing in as much photographic activity as possible during the end of the season, as after October it's saved videos, meditation and paperwork till the clocks go forward, as well as a few local walks if it's light and dry enough. Plus any old road signs that turn up, as I can use the flash for them.

Wed, 16 Oct 2013 at 03:06
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