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The 2014 season begins

By David Howard

After summarising my winter activities and spring plans, I can now update with the good news (for me anyway) after a couple of weeks of long days I took my first long trip, extending my gap between points by almost ten miles. I used a ruler on the map to measure where I could go, and at the time the shortest journey was to Kent as opposite Cheltenham, either Dover (the longest) or Dungeness, which was a lot easier. TR0917 : Dungeness Fish Hut by David Howard I plumped for the compromise, still adding more than the previous extensions, rather than endure the Ashford road again a year later with maybe 25 miles beyond and back. I knew the other route well as the family had a house in Rye in the 70s and is a slow but easy run, with the coast road to follow to Dungeness beyond. In fact the featured photo got 1000 views on Flickr within two days, by far a record many times higher than any other in the ten years I've been on it. I didn't pass the old place as there wasn't time, but saw the end of the road just to the right of here TQ9220 : Houses on Bridge Place, Rye by David Howard

It also meant by pure luck I could get a pre-Worboys sign in Wadhurst TQ6431 : Lower High Street, Wadhurst by David Howard(I only add them now when they've been removed as it does tend to draw unwanted attention to them otherwise) which turned up in November when it was too dark to go (no street lights in Sussex) and another nearby I'd passed twice while it was obscured by scaffold. Having returned the following good news was all but one of the other planned journeys wouldn't increase my distance, and besides Dover or even Deal, which I won't be bothering to do, the only trip under 100 miles to stretch the gap was to Henley in Arden which I did about 15 years ago and is on the system if I feel like it. It meant the other one to Bournemouth was equalled in the opposite direction east, which saved me a job, and the other two planned are solely for new myriads, ST and TF when I get around to it. But my personal ambition is my map coverage and myriads are a nice extra but technically if you turn my red splodges round they'll still easily fit in four squares as unless they exceed 172 miles they always will, and I wasn't planning that as it would need to go somewhere like Somerset or Lincoln. When I had my old car it was a lot easier as nothing slowed it down on the motorway, but this one can't manage a slight incline without struggling towards 60mph and really not designed for them, and will investigate the trains to Peterborough in case that will cover TF plus a mile walk or so north.

All I am doing now after what was an over six hour round trip to Kent is just finding anywhere I haven't been before and driving in a circle round the local roads to add as many new squares as possible. That has been Sundridge, TQ4855 : Zebra crossing outside Combe Bank school by David Howard Tring SP9310 : Wick Lane at the junction of Chesham Road by David Howard and Upton Park TQ4182 : Boundary Road at the junction of New City Road by David Howard so far, as well as many more locally including plenty of plants and flowers TQ1873 : Hanging branches by Pembroke Lodge by David Howard TQ1873 : Flowers on the trellis arch, Richmond Park by David Howard TQ1887 : Kinch Allotments, Preston by David Howard TQ1873 : Bluebells and buttercups by Pembroke Lodge by David Howard which isn't bad for a single month. But I can relax now knowing having waited almost six months to continue my project the largest part is completed, and now just going wherever I can for pleasure and won't feel guilty I haven't done one yet. That has taken over three years altogether since I began it bagging new myriads and compass point records, and any further will now be a bonus.

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