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Walk along the Itchen Way

By Bill Nicholls

Been a while since I wrote one of these for Geograph but I think this one is a worthy one to do. The reason I happened to be here was because my wife was at a conference at the Holiday Inn. This seemed an ideal opportunity to take in some places I have not visited and get a few church's for my Blog. I planned to visit four and if I had time at the end go to the cemetery nearby. As it was I was out walking for over six hours and did not have the time at the end.
Started out from the Holiday Inn SU5129 : The Holiday Inn by Bill Nicholls and was soon out in the country SU5129 : Towards Larkwhistle Farm by Bill Nicholls passing one unfortunate fox on the way SU5130 : Fox on the Run by Bill Nicholls. It was not long before the village of Easton came in sight SU5131 : Easton Ahead by Bill Nicholls and the first church SU5032 : St Mary's Church Easton by Bill Nicholls St Mary where I might add I was surprised people in the church spring cleaning SU5032 : Cleaning away by Bill Nicholls. Once I had taken my photo's round the church & churchyard it was off along the Itchen Way SU5132 : The Itchen Way by Bill Nicholls and the next village of Martyr Worthy with St Swithuns Church SU5132 : St Swithun Martyr Worthy by Bill Nicholls SU5132 : Aisle in St Swithun by Bill Nicholls. After getting my photos and visiting the War memorial SU5132 : Martyr Worthy War Memorial by Bill Nicholls I linked back with the Itchen way SU5132 : The Itchen Way by Bill Nicholls passed the odd sign SU5232 : Sign by the Itchen Way by Bill Nicholls and followed along by the River Itchen for a time SU5232 : Bending Away by Bill Nicholls before meeting SU5232 : Notice on the Post by Bill Nicholls the four pigs SU5332 : Rooting Away by Bill Nicholls and Itchen Abbas SU5332 : Rooting Away by Bill Nicholls. The next church there was St John the Baptist SU5332 : St John the Baptist by Bill Nicholls SU5332 : Nave to the Chancel by Bill Nicholls where you can find the grave of the last man hung for horse theft in England SU5332 : John Hughes by Bill Nicholls. It was then time for the final church at Avington SU5332 : Into Avington by Bill Nicholls St Mary SU5332 : St Mary's Church Avington by Bill Nicholls SU5332 : Aisle in St Mary by Bill Nicholls which I thought was the best church of the visit as it still retained the Box pews SU5332 : Pulpit View by Bill Nicholls. Once Finished in the church & Village it was off out into the countryside and the way back SU5231 : Along the Low Ground by Bill Nicholls SU5230 : Bend on Harley Hill by Bill Nicholls SU5130 : Long way Back by Bill Nicholls. Soon I was passing Larkwistle farm SU5130 : Larkwhistle Farm by Bill Nicholls which meant I had only a mile or so to go. At the end I was tired & thirsty as I had not taken any sustenance with me so the little trip to the cemetery went out the window. Here is the GeoTrip to go with the walk Link

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