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A life of collecting

By David Howard

I have been collecting all my life. Coins, rocks, collector's cards, model cars, train tickets and pre-Worboys sign photos. Geograph provided a new area to collect, which unlike the old train tickets would not suddenly come to an end in 1988 when they stopped printing them. I began as a viewer until I decided to have a go adding photos, made a mess of a few and gave up till Street View became available to confirm every location. Once my thousands of archives were up it formed my red patch on the personal map, and the new collection began. Myriads, compass point records and distance records. Circles were drawn on my map in pencil showing the locations which would add records and each year the list was updated to create the new goals.

I am now a month off my ten year anniversary, and with nearly 25,000 photos added, all squares taken since I went digital since 2005 with older photos added once taken recently, and just added my 10th myriad ST9971 : Shops on Curzon Street, Calne by David Howard. The long term plan has been completed mainly because of the south and east coast, as once they have been reached every record can only be north or west. As my longest trips track is east TR3241 : Castle Street, Dover by David Howard to west ST9271 : Roundabout on Pewsham Way, Chippenham by David Howard going north can't add any more total distance spread without going some way into Lincolnshire, which would gain so little it's not worth the effort to add a few extra miles. My latest diagram shows the closest spot to gain a decent profit is around Frome, so that's where the next extending trip will be this or next year. My focus now is looking for pre-Worboys signs SU4767 : Pre-Worboys sign on Mansion House Street, Newbury by David Howard, having viewed most of London TQ2895 : Bramley Road pre-Worboys sign by David Howard, Surrey TQ0354 : Pre Worboys sign Burntcommon by David Howard and Hertfordshire TL3314 : Pre-Worboys sign Ware Park by David Howard on Streetview recently began Berkshire, discovering my first last weekend in Henley on Thames. Kent will shortly be added as well. Each sign found generates a new journey designed to catch as many new red squares as possible, including the recent one across Dunstable Downs TL0019 : Dunstable Downs by David Howard.

Given the offer or transport I can also fly or be driven somewhere further afield, something possible ahead, depending where I can get and return without waiting around for hours to get home. The last one was Belgium a long time ago when we took the Eurostar from Ashford TR0241 : The railway by Newtown Road, Willesborough by David Howard, but of course the photos can't be added here. Otherwise I can relax, having first extended my map 32 squares into TR reaching Dover TR3140 : The white cliffs of Dover by David Howard, the final couple of miles to the coast being prevented by lorries blocking the road to the ferryport TR3241 : Lorry on Townwall Street, Dover by David Howard, and second adding my 10th myriad ST ST9970 : Calne Library on New Road by David Howard in Chippenham ST9273 : Market Place, Chippenham by David Howard. Nowhere south or east left as the seaside TR2035 : The beach at Sandgate by David Howard TQ8685 : First sight of the sea, Shorefield Road by David Howard is well covered, but each time I cover new squares in TL TL2710 : View from Holwell Lane Hertford by David Howard find plenty with a handful of previous photos, adding to the stock collection, and providing my sole first geograph (having not uploaded a few in time having taken them well before the one which was added as I didn't know the rules). My long trips can only happen when the clocks are forward, as stopping every mile or so makes a two hour plus journey a lot longer each way there and back and can't do much after sundown SU5998 : The B480/B4015 junction, Chiselhampton by David Howard.

But every red spot on the map was down to me, just like my train tickets, as unless I went somewhere to get them they didn't count in my own collection and were logged separately. And as long as I can do it I can add new squares as and when I feel like it so a truly open ended collection.

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