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Breaking records

By David Howard

Summer 2016 is almost over, and I got into a routine of regular Sunday trips covering as far as I could manage under the circumstances, the main one being the coast which has now been covered from the tip of Kent TR3965 : The promenade by Victoria Parade, Ramsgate by David Howard to just short of Selsey Bill SZ8897 : West Front Road, Pagham by David Howard . The bonus being some were guided by the known pre-Worboys signs TQ7551 : Pre-Worboys sign on High Banks, Loose by David Howard and then got as far as I could afterwards. My primary aim is extending the distance between the two furthest points on the map. Living in London TQ2187 : Football match at Kingsbury Town FC by David Howard this means all points south were covered fairly easily TV5695 : Sunday afternoon by Beachy Head by David Howard , as was due east TM0100 : Bridgewick Road by Brook farm by David Howard , and then a question of how far I do in the opposite directions. The first extended my distance by seven miles in Dover TR3140 : The white cliffs of Dover by David Howard , the possible extra mile or two more being prevented by a long queue to get to the port TR3241 : Lorry on Townwall Street, Dover by David Howard . Then it was a combination of new places TL0441 : All Saints Church, Houghton Conquest by David Howard SP9319 : Chapel Lane, Horton by David Howard SP5821 : Shell Petrol Station on London Road, Bicester by David Howard , pre-Worboys signs and the odd little record south and east until my second plan of adding a new myriad was completed going to Chippenham ST9273 : Market Place, Chippenham by David Howard adding ST and western extreme.

Towards the end of the season (when it gets dark after 7 or so) I decided I may as well go to Ramsbury SU2771 : High Street, Ramsbury by David Howard SU2771 : Pre-Worboys sign on Scholard's Lane, Ramsbury by David Howard as there was another pre-Worboys direction there I couldn't find the first time , and get some little visited squares afterwards. The first bonus was a mile east when I turned off the Swindon Road SU3369 : The B4192 north of Hungerford by David Howard I saw the back of a sign which looked old although the brackets were new. I looked in the mirror and saw a huge black direction sign with six different places on it which no one else had found as far as I know (location not public just in case). Had I got the other sign the first time I went I'd never have gone back or found the extra sign, so had already made a good profit. I then carried on west to the A4 at Marlborough SU1869 : High Street Marlborough by David Howard to decide where to go next, and looked at the map and thought it was a fairly easy run turning off on the road to SU0868 : Roundabout on Bath Road, Beckhampton by David Howard Devizes SU0061 : Estcourt Street, Devizes by David Howard . Luckily once you leave Newbury SU4666 : Shops on Bartholomew Street, Newbury by David Howard the A4 SU4967 : London Road, Shaw by David Howard turns from a suburban road with related speeds to a major A road at motorway speeds, meaning I could do the last 20 miles or so in the same time I'd done the last 40, and found myself in Trowbridge ST8557 : County Way, Trowbridge by David Howard very quickly, through mist SU0365 : Fields by the A361, Bishop's Cannings by David Howard and rain SU0264 : Muddy track off Devizes Road, Bishop's Cannings by David Howard , and what was seven squares further west and three miles added to my maximum distance, now 157 miles to Ramsgate. TR3965 : The beach at Ramsgate by David Howard

The days were when I had a much bigger car, friends who drove all over the country and more energy and did 4-500 mile round trips in a day, now those friends have married, moved and have their own lives and due to the petrol prices I drive a car which can barely make 70 on the motorway unless it's downhill. Also with the digital camera I don't just start, go and stop as I did in the past but stop every half a mile or so in new territory otherwise I wouldn't be doing what I was there for. This means my 2016 mission is complete, and have a journey or two planned for when the new season starts in April. Meanwhile the local mission of taking new and interesting things continues, TQ2288 : Co-operative Food/Texaco petrol on Watford Way by David Howard TQ2287 : The Midland Railway line between Edgware Road and the M1 by David Howard TQ2289 : Delivery at The Claddagh Ring, Hendon by David Howard and with any luck some will get nominated for photo of the year.

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