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The Day I went to Prison

By Bill Nicholls

Well I did pay to get into the prison like many others to see the Inside Reading Prison Art Exhibition which was on as part of the Reading Arts Festival SU7273 : Reading Prison by Bill Nicholls but face it I did not go to see art I went along to see what the prison I used to see from the school yard and classroom next door SU7273 : Back of St James by Bill Nicholls was like. I'd always wondered what a prison looked like inside and as Reading Prison closed in 2013 I thought it would be rude to pass up the opportunity to look around SU7273 : Into the Prison by Bill Nicholls SU7273 : First Wing by Bill Nicholls. So I went along through the prison looking at what it had to offer SU7273 : Double Cell by Bill Nicholls and climbing staircases up the levels SU7273 : Stairs to the second floor by Bill Nicholls SU7273 : Looking down on the Exhibition by Bill Nicholls, looked in Oscar's cell SU7273 : Oscars Cell by Bill Nicholls and the floor he was on SU7273 : Oscars Floor by Bill Nicholls.
We even had the chance to visit the chapel which was now a recreation hall as the chapel was destroyed in the 1950s SU7273 : Door in the Chapel by Bill Nicholls. The door to Oscar Wilde's cell was on show as part of the art exhibition SU7273 : Oscars View by Bill Nicholls. We took in all the floors of the prison SU7273 : West Wing on Floor 2 by Bill Nicholls which to me still looked Victorian SU7273 : Looking East by Bill Nicholls and finally came out the way we went in SU7273 : Long Corridor by Bill Nicholls where we past people coming in SU7273 : Queuing to get out by Bill Nicholls SU7273 : Inside Reading Prison by Bill Nicholls. It was an insight to me of a little of what a Victorian prison looked like.

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