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2018 summary

By David Howard

2018 was the busiest photographic year of my life. A new car actually compatible with motorways SU7955 : The inside of Fleet Services by David Howard (it's only a 1200 but size isn't everything) started me off breaking new records from the beginning of the year onwards. First my north record in Lincolnshire SK9390 : Sign on the A631, Harpswell by David Howard , followed by my map distance record a month later in Exeter SX9292 : Shops on South Street, Exeter by David Howard . As I am in London TQ2287 : Roundabout at Staples Corner by David Howard trying to beat that again north or west would require a lot further, towards the Lake District, as SW-NE is most of the width of Britain only stretched in the sea or Cornwall where I have never gone in one go. That done I went after new myriads, ie SE in Harrogate SE3055 : Harrogate old Station by David Howard also taking the northern record, and SJ in Wolverhampton SJ9105 : Old Stafford Road, Cross Heath by David Howard . I have more planned for the spring in 2019.

Once I'd got into a routine I changed the odd vehicle when mine was too frequently being repaired for the slings and arrows of living in London, and found a friend to go to Harrogate as I always used to on long trips to help with the driving. It was the third time I'd been there as my destinations were based on places I'd been to before but long before digital photography. The first time Betty's had a massive queue outside, I think we went somewhere else the second, and as it was 7pm this time it was actually quiet but we didn't bother to go in SE3055 : Bettys Tea Rooms, Harrogate by David Howard mainly as the light was going so I wanted some time on the way back as well before it got dark passing into Notts SK7273 : McDonald's at Markham Moor Services, Retford by David Howard .

The other frequent trips were for pre-Worboys signs SE3651 : Weathered pre-Worboys sign in Spofforth by David Howard ST5425 : Pre-Worboys crossroads sign, Podimore by David Howard , rarely posted nowadays as it is like leaving your front door open to the public. Most were in the west country and two discovered after I'd got home so spent a long time back and forth on the A303 ST8633 : You shall not pass by David Howard . That added some nice shots of Stonehenge SU1242 : Stonehenge by David Howard , and filled out ST nicely. I also added a number of new counties- Devon SX9490 : St Luke's Church Rooms, Countess Wear by David Howard , Notts SK7273 : Lorries parked at Markham Moor Services, Retford by David Howard (five photos, all supplementals taken at dusk), Yorks SE4818 : Busy Bee's Diner, Darrington by David Howard , Staffordshire SJ9104 : Houses on Stafford Road, Coven Heath by David Howard and Worcs SO8893 : Roundabout on Stourbridge Road, Stirchley by David Howard . In between I picked up so many local squares I went up to 22th of Geograph points, and half the year was spent living near Kingston TQ1771 : Riverside Drive, Ham by David Howard as my house collapsed (with help from the builders) as it was damp and sinking, so filled in loads of TQ TQ0202 : Gas holder on Bridge Road, Littlehampton by David Howard and SU south of the Thames SU5426 : Pylon by Petersfield Road east of Winchester by David Howard as well as ST ST6628 : Fields by Cattle Hill, Yarlington by David Howard . I finally returned home to a single room in the attic while the builders pop in occasionally (I am not exaggerating here) to do some work and make more rooms habitable.

It is now just past the shortest day. I plan my trips by the available light so have a list ready for this week, next month, February and March when I can do my first long one hopefully to the Fens. As my maximum distance is now virtually impossible to beat unless I complete my other ambition to fly to Dublin I am happy to potter around on any new ground, and by no more than coincidence my 257 mile stretch created between Exeter SX9692 : Junction on Honiton Road, Exeter by David Howard and Cromer TG2142 : Cromer Pier from the putting green by David Howard just beats four myriads in length but not visible as it crosses them all diagonally. My mind is set on facts and figures, and people either couldn't care less or see it as an irresistible challenge as I do.

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