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The Taking of Rig of Barnharrow 1 to 6

By Andy Farrington

This picture taken at the Rig of Barnharrow was the last shot in a series of six different grid squares to bash the hectad NX36 on the 7th April 2011

As hectad bashing goes NX36 Link wasn't too arduous to complete, six remaining grids in the hectad started with the bagging of:

East Culvennan NX3065 : East Culvennan by Andy Farrington in NX3065 Link - I had quite a few miles and grids to cover on this road trip so drove down to this one which is on the edge of Culvennan Fell.

Next was South Glassoch NX3368 : South Glassoch by Andy Farrington in NX3368 Link - Which was a walk across boggy marshland and the remains of a harvested forest. Yuk!

Ring Moss NX3367 : Ring Moss by Andy Farrington in NX3367 Link - A pleasant stroll through farm land and around Ring Hill to get to the moss, then up Ring Hill to take some scenic shots.

Cullach Farm NX3765 : Cullach Farm by Andy Farrington in NX3765 Link - A drive along a small farm track from the A75.

Eldrig Moss NX3565 : Eldrig Moss by Andy Farrington in NX3565 Link - On paper was a short walk from a track but in practice became a tough bog trot across saturated moorland which you couldn't stand still on for long without sinking into the moss.

and finally the last grid in the hectad to bag was Rig of Barnharrow NX3066 : Rig of Barnharrow by Andy Farrington in NX3066 Link which was a very nice mountain bike ride along a forest track to the Rig of Barnharrow and a walk up White Hill to capture some scenic shots of the area.

All in all, one of the nicer combinations of grids to finish off this hectad.

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Tue, 12 Apr 2011 at 10:38
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