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Plan ahea

By David Howard

I'd been planning to start the blog but normally too tied up after a trip entering exact locations which normally continues until bedtime. But after working my way round likely trips I hadn't covered since going digital (my film collection was very selective so tended to be exclusive based on a few favourite topics rather than everything I could see, except for a few day trips to the continent which can't of course go in here) it was time to finally go the 20 miles or so to get my 4th myriad, SP. I'd discovered I'd already passed a mile or so from it by chance in Chenies, and remembered it was either a very complicated maze through single track roads from there, or head for Chesham on the main road, which I opted for. Unfortunately all I bothered to note was 'Chesham', and simply drove along Latimer Road westward, knowing at some point around Chesham it turned north and crossed the SU-SP border. I got some lovely shots of the Chiltern Hills and various farm animals and returned home after turning left at Chesham Bois as the scenery was interesting.

Big mistake. When I got home and opened the OS map I discovered although little more than a village Chesham itself is a few miles wide. I simply drove a little beyond the sign announcing entry, and took the first left turn as it provided the best views. Had I stayed on Latimer Road for no more than 100 yards I would have crossed the line and at least caught the myriad into SP 9600, but it wasn't to be. I had extended my previous trip a few squares west as well as the new photos of the area, but no myriad. Being in my nature not to wait for anything where possible, I simply got an old map, drew the gridsquares over it in pencil, drew arrows along the long winding route (it was indeed hideous, saved only by more than usual laybys) and went out as soon as possible the following day. As a result I doubled the views of the Chilterns and surrounding countryside, and created a far larger block of red where otherwise there would have been a thin line, and a second SP square as it was part of the route back. Of course had it been further I'd have probably done the planning the first time but is an easy and pleasant journey as long as there are no holdups in classic bottlenecks like Hatch End. I have posted my first photo of SP myriad, a barn connected to a farmhouse on Codmore Wood Road, in Great White End. It also goes to prove that it isn't just the distance that is the issue, but the route.

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Thu, 28 Apr 2011 at 01:29
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