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The Taking of Craigeach Moor

By Andy Farrington

... and after a short pause of two weeks Andy bounces back with another competed hectad NX35 Link ... is there no stopping this 2011 hectad bagging onslaught?

NX3355 : Cairn on Craigeach Moor by Andy Farrington

Probably yes, they just seem to be getting harder and harder for me. In order to complete this hectad two firsts were required both on Craigeach Moor in NX3455 Link and NX3355 Link. After getting permission from Barquhill Farm to cross their land I spent over two and a half hours zig-zagging across 2km of moor to reach the Cairn on Craigeach Moor. The land as the pictures will show is very tough to get across with hidden burns and small tributaries full of melted winter snow which grabs your legs up to your knees and is reluctant to let go. The land is mainly moss, gorse and fern with a scattering of rocky outcrops which I used on the return journey to keep out of the very cold water. That all said the views from where I got to are spectacular ... unspoilt and possibly unseen by many, worth the effort but probably not to be repeated by me.

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Sun, 1 May 2011 at 22:37
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