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Borderline cases

By David Howard

Time for some audience participation here, how many times do we get a gridsquare we really feel we don't deserve somehow, especially one in a crucial and hard to get position? Besides losing them by apparent inches, which can happen to anyone, and far worse a faulty camera (my latest new experience), I do sometimes feel a little naughty when something I either thought was the other side or was so poor but the only one I could take on a busy road. The latest and pretty good example is here, and I justify it myself in three ways. One, the system put it there, two, it was exactly where I put it after many checks, and three, I think the clincher, although I was on the border, probably the other side, the photo I took east was in 8269 as the border was north, and the photo I took north, although I was pretty much on the line, was actually virtually all in 8369. I'm never quite sure (is anyone besides the trained staff?) of the rules of which circle clinches the square, but assume it's the light blue one of where the photo itself is, rather than you. Fair enough, especially on a zoom, but my known experience of zooms is if you take Windsor Castle from the road by the park, you are into three square, in one, across the park, and the castle either in that one or even the one beyond if you use a telephoto. I know they go where the midpoint of the view is, but they usually get a supplemental, and quite rightly so if you were not actually there. Are you confused now? I am.

Anyway, my map looks nicer now with a block rather than a line (don't they always?) but do feel a little sheepish that it was only created while waiting at traffic lights and the traffic moving into the junction was across the border and I doubt I ever was, but I think if that's the rule I'll happily live with it. I took two photos of Gerrards Cross common, originally intending to stop on the way in a suburban road but was solid double yellows, and spent probably close on an hour measuring the surrounding features to make absolutely sure it genuinely deserved a new square when my car had moved marginally forward, compared to the previous one which was clearly in the next square along. In that case it wasn't quite as far as Wokingham, and the next time I was there coming back from High Wycombe already knew the traffic lights were the border, and stopped well short and took everything on the A40 that was there.

Anyway, so far my only two known losses are the missing link in Bracknell I may still manage to repair (even if it costs me 30 for a programme I'll only ever need again if my camera goes wrong, after not doing that for over 5 years so far), and a geograph lost in Enfield when the card went wrong and I formatted it, forgetting the hard disk with the original photos which included a wide shot I'd cropped for a road sign (supplemental) would have been a geograph, had blown up and so had two months of photos on it as well (all stored on Flickr as I always do) except for the unedited handful. I've got a good few geographs back from supplementals that way, and also found anonymous bus stops (one of my most popular photos on all sites are red buses) years later which filled a very useful gap where I'd only been once and would never go again (Poplar, would you? ;)). That was on the vain hope an old sign there hadn't yet vanished, but had, although took two in Hackney on the way and chose not to try and stop in Bethnal Green to take the pair there I'd originally taken at night to get better pictures. I should have as had I taken Cambridge Heath Road as well I'd have changed another supplemental as all my indoor/night shots of the station have to be. I'm tuned in now I make special geographing trips, although I've been a member for ages I still had road sign and scenery trips and put the relevant ones here till I ran out, and then began extending my red map coverage.

It's been great to see some places I haven't seen for years, and a few I've never been to such as Bowling Green, a real place on the way to Odiham in Hants. And one thing never changes, the traffic through Watford whichever route you take, like Martini any time any place any where it is nearly always jammed. I don't make the rules.

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Thu, 26 May 2011 at 21:33
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