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The Taking of Ballantrae Bay

By Andy Farrington

NX08 has 19 grid squares which are on the west coast of Scotland between Sawny Beanís Cave in the north to Downan Point in the south. Most of the grids on the coast have a good show of land with the exception of NX0782 which has a small outcrop of tidal rocks outside Ballantrae Harbour and a bit of a shingle beach further south according to fellow Geographer Oliver Dixon.

Offshore rocks at Ballantrae NX0782 : Offshore rocks at Ballantrae by Oliver Dixon in NX0782

... and NX0885 which has a sliver of shingle beach to walk on at the lowest spring tide. So after some tough hectad bashing this year I thought Iíd have a go at this last green Ďun in NX08 which appeared to be an easy capture .... and it was. The only drama I had was to negotiate a new build of the A77 near to the grid which wasnít quite completed and meant a five mile detour to park up.

Ballantrae Bay NX0885 : Ballantrae Bay by Andy Farrington in NX0855

That done it was just a matter of walking across a field with electrified fencing to reach the shoreline and then along the beach to the grid with an outgoing low tide which revealed shingle to stand on without even getting my feet wet. Job done and NX08 bagged. I wish they were all like this!

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Sat, 4 Jun 2011 at 16:25
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