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Another salutary tale

By Robin Stott

I was working my way along a lane, an urban fringe rat run to the south of Northampton, when I spotted this unmistakeable heap. To get a better view I stepped up on to a roadside bank. Click. In stepping off the bank, which was steeper than I thought, I lost my footing. Gravity and momentum did the rest and I hit the road. Literally. With the heel of my left hand and my left knee, taking the skin off both. Ow! Looking on the bright side, I didn't smash the camera, I didn't smash my watch or my glasses, I didn't break any bones and I didn't get run over. But I was quite shaken up.

Better now. Hand still a bit sore. So mind how you go. No photo, not even one as exciting as this, is worth hurting yourself for.

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Fri, 17 Jun 2011 at 22:48
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