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The Taking of Coast to Coast

By Andy Farrington

At the beginning of 2011 I set myself the task of bagging one new hectad every month however after a few weeks break I had to play a bit of a catch up and went for two in one day on the opposite coasts of The Rhins of Galloway.

After giving up on waiting for the weather to improve I headed off on the 11th August 2011 to tackle NX05 and NX14

NX05 by my count had 4 green uns left to bag to finish the hectad so I drove over to the Rhins parked up and hopped on the mountain bike at Kildonnan to take a shot of:-

Kildonnan Farm NX0551 : Kildonnan by Andy Farrington in NX0551 to bag the first grid square.

Next port of call was to drive down to the Port o Spittal Farm to start my walk on the west coast of the Rhins south of Portpatrick. The first of three grids was a shot of the farm:-

Port o Spittal NX0351 : Port 'O Spittal by Andy Farrington in NX0351

Next a walk over fields to take picture of:-

Finlock Bay NX0251 : Finlock Bay by Andy Farrington in NX0251

And finally a walk along the top of the cliffs to bag:-

North Keys Hole NX0250 : North Keys Hole by Andy Farrington in NX0250

which completed the NX05 hectad

After a long walk back to my vehicle parked at Port o Spittal Farm I was on the road again to cross over the Rhins peninsula to get to Drumantrae Bay to bash the NX14 hectad on the east coast of the Rhins of Galloway by Luce Bay.

A bit of advance work on the hectad in 2010 with a picture taken at:-

Balgowan Point NX1243 : Balgowan by Andy Farrington in NX1243

meant that only one grid square remained green in NX14 at NX1147 which could only be accessed at a summer low tide.

Fortunately I was able to get across the peninsula in time to see the tide out and take my shot of:-

the North of Drumantrae Bay NX1147 : North of Drumantrae Bay by Andy Farrington in NX1147

concluding a coast to coast Geograph and two hectads bashed. All in all a good day out!

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