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Deepest Surrey

By David Howard

A trip from the A25 in Betchworth to Rusper, and return to Dorking. I try and return on a different route to double the map coverage. You can see this trip plotted on a map on the Geo-trips page LinkExternal link .

After a while you get to know the good roads, and once checked the personal map see the furthest I can get before it gets dark or I run out of steam. The A25 is a backbone along the North Downs, and alongside the M25 serve to allow trips east and south from the other side of London and can easily cover the ground towards the coast during the spring and summer months. My old road sign hobby means Streetviewing ahead of most trips, but this went just beyond my original searches and on the way back, on a fairly unplanned route besides going south one way and coming back another saw an incredibly rare 'low gear now' sign while passing, and we had to stop beyond, find a farm entrance and turn round so I could get a photo. The old 'steep hill' with a red triangle on top had long gone, but the one below was still perfectly adequate for the required task so left behind quite sensibly. It turned out it had already been recorded here, but without adequate labelling will not be raised on any searches. TQ1843 : Pre-Worboys low gear sign, Henfold Lane by David Howard TQ1843 : Henfold Lane, steep hill 17% by David Howard The hill in question
On the way back I passed an even rarer 'Slow major road ahead' sign which had been passed along to me on Flickr when I posted one in a museum, and jogged the viewer's memory he'd taken one himself back in 1991. Being on a private road there was no reason for it to be removed though, and nearly 20 years later I returned on tenterhooks that one of the hardest signs to find would still be in place, and it was just the same, and in perfect condition, besides using a crossroads sign for a T junction and then painting out the top bar. I have no idea if they were given the wrong one and the worker decided to plant it anyway and cheat, but either way that was the result.

Just before there in Holmwood I found an equally hard to find prize, also at the entrance to a private road, the elusive 'keep left', which became an arrow in 1964. And complete with pre 1953 catseyes. There was also a 'prohibited all vehicles' I stumbled upon further east on the main road in Godstone, one I'd spent months searching for on streetview after someone found it and lost their notes. I was checking all the side roads for 10 miles and it turned out to be in the middle of town on the A25. I will be revisiting the area in the spring for another trip south, and look forward to the long days which allow it.

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