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Garmin Road test

107 months ago
St John the Baptist's Church
First time out with my New Garmin Oregon 450 with UK Mapping, bit of a far cry from the old Etrex H I had been using I must admit. I had gone to Hackelton with my wife as she was on a dog training day so I took the opportunity to go out and road test my new toy. The start point was Hackleton Village Hall Photo and my intention was to go to Piddington then work down to a disused railway follow it till the road and back to Hackleton via Horton which would take in four squares on the OS...
hackleton pittington horton gps garmin benchmark bridges disused railways

Three Bridges

107 months ago
Just a pile of rubble
You could probably call four bridges but one of them had been demolished. I had been meaning to get out and update my photos on the progress of the Spring farm bridge near Goring but due to other commitments I have not been out till today. Spring Farm Bridge was due to be demolished a year ago but due to time constraints it was put off and over Christmas demolished with along as I found out the one at Purley near Reading. This came as a shock because I thought the local residents had...
railway's bridges demolition.

More from the Kennet

115 months ago
Duck at  the lockgates
Im well overdue for another blog but other things and Bank holidays have taken over and my backlog of photos just got bigger. I decided to go back to the river Kennet and find a few more pillboxes before the spring growth finally put pay to my treks to look for them. On the last walk Id got as far as Towney Bridge but had checked out the next area I wanted to visit which was Aldermaston Wharf Photo. I thought I had found a good place to park but found the place packed so went to...
pillboxes canals river kennet swingbridge locks

To, along and from the Peak Forest Canal, Hyde.

116 months ago
Captain Clarke's Bridge
Sunday the 10th April 2011 was when the sun came out strongly enough to enable one to shed winter coats and so I took an afternoon walk along the Peak Forest Canal. You can see this trip plotted on a map on the Geo-trips page LinkExternal link .
geo-trip walk canal heron canada geese roving bridge allotments

A Walk along the Kennet

116 months ago
Tree in front
Time I think for another blog entry and as usual a few weeks after I did the walk. My quest to find more pillboxes to go in my log took me back to the River Kennet which is more of a canal that river. So far I had managed to collect photos and or visit pillboxes from Burghfield Mill down to Sulhamsted lock. This time I started from Tyle Mill as there was a carpark nearby but I was rather shocked to find it was quite full at the time of morning I arrived though I did manage to squeeze in...
river kennet canals locks swing bridges pillboxes towpaths.

Last trek of the year

119 months ago
Boat through the bridge
Like most of you at Christmas it is a time to spend eating (note no drinking) and spending time with your family of loved ones so by the time Monday after came round I was crawling the walls to get out. My wife must have sensed I was planning something as I had been looking at some maps trying to decide where to go. A further walk down the Kennet and the Blue Line or go back to the upper Thames and collect more of the Red Line. The lines Im referring to are the old WW2 stoplines which were...
pillbox thames path bridge oxfordshire river thames chimney

A Bridge Too Far

119 months ago
A final look
Seems over the Christmas holidays I find a bridge that is going to be demolished. Last year Network rail demolished two bridges at South Morton Photo with the intention of fitting two bridge decks as it was they underestimated the deck weight and the fitting of the deck had to be postponed for a week while they changed the crane. It was fitted the following weekend at 2 in the morning. This year while on a trip to Reading on the train I noticed they were doing some work on a bridge...
bridge demolition raillway

Cambridge and First Time Volunteering

119 months ago
Cambridge Gas Engines
Visited the Cambridge museum of technology on Saturday after a recommendation. PhotoPhotoPhoto The museum is housed in a former sewage pumping station, it shows evolution from steam (1894) to Gas (1909) and electric motor (1937). The pumps are joined by a printing museum, ash railway and many local engines ranging from winches to pumps, enclosed to gas. Unfortunately the gas engines were not started and the Davey steam pumps didn't start until 2pm so I missed out on...
railway steam pump museum volunteer norfolk cambridge track

Old Culham Bridge

120 months ago
Reflections of Old Culham Bridge
The 28th November was a good weekend for me as I finally found out where the two pillboxes were at Old Culham bridge. I'd looked all round the place for them and it turned out they were both built on the old bridge. On one end was a Type 28 Photo The other end had a Type 28A built over the support. Photo Photo. It finished off with me getting a photo of the Bench mark on Sutton Bridge at the Culham Cut Photo The only thing I missed was a bench mark on...
bridge pillbox

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