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Walk along the Itchen Way

62 months ago
Bend in the Itchen
Been a while since I wrote one of these for Geograph but I think this one is a worthy one to do. The reason I happened to be here was because my wife was at a conference at the Holiday Inn. This seemed an ideal opportunity to take in some places I have not visited and get a few church's for my Blog. I planned to visit four and if I had time at the end go to the cemetery nearby. As it was I was out walking for over six hours and did not have the time at the end. Started out from the Holiday...
church's walk

A Worcester Walk

113 months ago
Worcester Cathedral
Well this little walk took place around a month ago and it has taken me that long to post the photos. I'd gone down there to get the van serviced so while it was being done I went for a little walk round Worcester. To get to the centre meant going down the old A44 Bromyard road where I wanted to visit a church I had seen. While on the walk I kept an eye out for benchmarks and was rewarded by finding one on the Garabaldi public house. Next stop was the church which is called St John in...
worcester churches river severn

Two Mills and Local Churches

114 months ago
The last few days have been quite busy, I was planning to go to Denver windmill as it was closer than Lode watermill. However I thought I could kill two birds with one stone and try and look around Pakenham windmill (on the way to LWM). I had seen four old pictures of the internals on flickr of PWM but other than that there was nothing on the internet. Externally there are many on geograph (including mine from the summer) and around the web. I called the owner and arranged a visit, I was...
undefined mill water norman church east anglia

Snowy weekend

114 months ago
St Marys at night
After the success of last weekend I wondered what I'd be doing this one. Reading was beckoning for some Christmas shopping and places I had taken photos of. I'd let the dog out at 7:30 then went back to bed for five minutes only to wake up again around 8:30 and 2 inches of snow outside, Reading did not look such a good proposition. I ended up taking some photos round the village of the snow, not that I found it very inspiring. Night shots looked a better prospect thus around 20:00hrs I...
snow churches villages cholsey

A good weekend

115 months ago
Pillbox at the farm
Today was a good day on the pillbox front and filled in a couple more pieces of the jigsaw which is the redline. I managed to visit three, a church and bag a bench mark. The first two pillboxes were at Shifford. The first on the farm Photo and the second at what I called the quarry Photo. I got permission from the farm to visit theirs and told them I was going to cross the fields to visit the second. That turned out to be on another property so I hope the owner forgives my...
pillbox bench mark church

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