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Working in the dark

108 months ago
Junction of Arkley Lane and path to Saffron Green
2011 began my first year making Geograph trips. Prior to that it was either scenic views or pre-Worboys road signs, but as both were pretty much done to a reasonable distance besides random new arrivals I began working on my personal map. The long days allowed 50-60 mile trips, which normally take less time but if you stop to take photos every so often does spin them out a lot longer, but added a few extra myriads which completed the 2011 ideal mission target. When the clocks went back I went...
dark hectads north circular road essex middlesex

2011 roundup

110 months ago
Corner of Church Lane and Street End Road
I am now into my 43rd year of photography, having switched to digital in 2005 when the results finally weren't pixillated and switched from the exclusive to the inclusive. I began with all the nice scenery near me which I added to my Flickr site, and soon joined here as an existing browser, added three photos, without any Streetview or similar to help, made heavy weather of it and returned to browsing for a couple of years. After adding current material since then decided to add everything...
annual review oxford wokingham north circular road

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