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Silk purses from sow's ears

60 months ago
Calvert Road, Effingham
As the clocks went back my hobby had its wings clipped for another year, till March at least of 2016. But I don't stop taking photos, I just can't collect far-flung spots on my far-flung spot list, but now after filling little taken squares previously, am now taking places within them I haven't taken yet. Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo My memory tells me pretty well where I haven't been, so use the daylight hours (both of them in...
night photography london map reading

The end of the season

72 months ago
Long John from Sheephouse Road
After the clocks went back I thought I didn't have much chance of getting anywhere new till the spring. I'd been Geographing a few years now for squares rather than just submitting random photos, and was running out of anywhere I could get to and wander around in time before it got dark. Photo However, referring to the previous blog entry then the extension I had was a whole month, with a plan being made for Sundays when I knew there'd be hardly any traffic so could add another hour's...
hertfordshire surrey night photography

Street photography whirlwind weekend

101 months ago
Guardian readers may have seen ads for their masterclasses: screenwriting, gardening blah blah. So I blew my pocket money on a Street Photography weekend, 9-10 June. I went up to London on the Friday with the notion of visiting daughter No.2 plus a spot of geographing combined with finding a building where I used to work in another existence. Checked in to hotel, Photo it was a sunny afternoon, so I went exploring in Somers Town, a community bounded by an infrastructure of railway...
street photography city people somers town trafalgar square piccadilly circus columbia road

Promoting Geograph

101 months ago
Yes - I am a Geographer
My local church decided to have a hobbies day this weekend (Saturday). Not wishing to miss out on an opportunity to showoff my many and varied photographs, and wanting to promote the Geograph project, I set about choosing slides to use in a powerpoint / slide show. I wasn't expecting to be able to use direct/internet link, so I screen-dumped the homepage, login, search, and a number of other useful pages. There was a great deal of interest throughout the day, particularly from other...
education geograph promotion hobby hobbies photography

Photos for HER

112 months ago
Brass plate, Smith Street
Heritage professionals in Warwickshire County Council maintain the Historic Environment Record: a unified database of listed buildings, registered gardens and landscapes, scheduled ancient monuments anything with statutory protection. They are running a national pilot of an English Heritage project called 'Imaging our past and our present' (contact and see the Announcements forum). The idea is to invite the public to submit photos of the buildings and...
photography heritage flickr warwickshire

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