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The Day I went to Prison

41 months ago
Reading Prison
Well I did pay to get into the prison like many others to see the Inside Reading Prison Art Exhibition which was on as part of the Reading Arts Festival Photo but face it I did not go to see art I went along to see what the prison I used to see from the school yard and classroom next door Photo was like. I'd always wondered what a prison looked like inside and as Reading Prison closed in 2013 I thought it would be rude to pass up the opportunity to look around Photo...
reading prison

Silk purses from sow's ears

56 months ago
Calvert Road, Effingham
As the clocks went back my hobby had its wings clipped for another year, till March at least of 2016. But I don't stop taking photos, I just can't collect far-flung spots on my far-flung spot list, but now after filling little taken squares previously, am now taking places within them I haven't taken yet. Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo My memory tells me pretty well where I haven't been, so use the daylight hours (both of them in...
night photography london map reading

The 2014 season draws to a close

71 months ago
Coopers Hill, Kimpton
After my big start to the season (ie when the clocks go forward) in April the elastic which had been being pulled back throughout the winter months was allowed to shoot forward to Dungeness, and then relaxed back into stasis partly as I discovered it was no longer necessary to make a few of my next planned journeys, as plan A (getting as far as possible between my furthest two points) was no longer necessary as none would any longer increase it as they were in different directions and the...
square bagging hectads map reading

The Last Three Months

89 months ago
Front of the building
My submissions have gone down in the last three months which is down to a few things. I had uploaded 20,000 images (no fanfare for that) and the cost of driving out to places is not getting any cheaper but one of the other reasons is I have started blogging more. I juggle five of them at the moment and I blame the Geograph one for starting me off on this trail. So what have I been doing Geograph wise apart from posting photos of our village hall being built? Photo Well a lady who...
cholsey farimile hospital peppard newbury reading

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