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Flowerdale Forest from Shieldaig croft

77 months ago
Stream-bank erosion
This year, most of my Geographing has been done by kayak, with only a handful of contributions from walking trips. Mindful of this, and of the approaching stag stalking season, I decided it was time to photograph on foot. I began at Shieldaig (not to be confused with its larger namesake to the south) and set off on a very good stalkers' path. The first hour or so was quite easy, but not good preparation for what was to follow. I experienced quite a change when I left the path,...
geo-trip walk completing a hectad

Little Minch circuit by kayak

88 months ago
Eugenie Rock buoy
For four years or more I've nurtured an ambition to paddle across the Little Minch. The chart has sat open in my front room for uncounted hours as I fantasised about seeing for myself the islands, skerries and buoys that make this bit of sea amongst the most interesting. So when I got a week of holiday at the beginning of September, I packed a sleeping bag and tent into my kayak, along with 4 days' worth of food and a camera, and headed out from Bornesketaig. It only took half an hour...
geo-trip boat trip completing a hectad

Hyskeir and Rum kayak trip

91 months ago
Seals and seaweed
I'm normally wary of using the word "remote", as it's such a subjective thing. To a Londoner, the Scottish Highlands probably seems very remote, but for those of us who live there, it's England and the south that seems remote. However, even in my book, Hyskeir qualifies as "remote", with the nearest habitation more than 10km away across often rough seas. I'd had my eye on Hyskeir for a couple of years before I got free time and good weather co-temporally. The idea was to get out to the...
geo-trip boat trip completing a hectad

Four locations around Applecross

115 months ago
Deep-water construction dock
Fine weather and a weekend unexpectedly to myself gave me an opportunity to clear up a few squares around Applecross that have been outstanding for a while. First, it was to the Kishorn YardPhoto, where I was able to get surprisingly close to the old construction dock. From there, I was forced to head back uphill for a bit, around the boundary fence, to get some shots of the nearby shorelinePhotoPhoto. Then a sweaty reascent to the road, and in the car up to Cuaig....
geo-trip walk

Rona wrap-up

115 months ago
Sgeirean Buidhe Bhorlum
For two years, I've intended to return to Rona to finish off the few remaining green squares. This weekend brought settled fine weather, a favourable tide (low in the early afternoon for those low-lying rocks) and, not least, no personal commitments. So I set off out along Loch Torridon, arriving at Rubha na Fearna Photo an hour or so below low tide. Unable to find Murchadh Breac immediately, I put in briefly to get an accurate grid reference - and found the rock, still half a...
geo-trip boat trip completing a hectad

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