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A visit to the derelict former RAF Yatesbury air base

65 months ago
It was one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions that have consequences. That Saturday morning, 6th December 2014, I was off to the annual Christmas Fayre in Devizes, and because the weather was bright and frosty, I decided to make the most of the petrol and go for a walk on my way back. I decided on Yatesbury because it was more or less on my route, and because, when I looked at my worn-out OS map covered in pink highlighter, I realised to my surprise that there were grid squares there...
raf yatesbury ww1 ww2 airfield

A visit to Dudgrove locks, a derelict double lock on the disused Thames and Severn Canal

88 months ago
Derelict lock gate, Thames and Severn Canal
15th February 2012. It was already late in the day when I set out to nab SU1997. Id had to come to Lechlade on business, but that would only take a couple of hours, so Id decided to mop up a few tpoints at the same time. The first was SU1893, where I had to run the gauntlet of angry farmers by walking quarter of a mile down a lane to take a photograph, I hoped, of the place where that lane petered out: a photograph of nothing, in effect. As it was, I found some piles of wood to add interest...
canals dudgrove thames and severn

One year, one hectad, 100 tpoints

88 months ago
Sheep on Fyfield Down
A mishap with a pistachio nut leading to an astronomical dental bill meant that I was prevented from using some of my savings spending Christmas on the Marlborough Downs and Cotswolds topping up my geograph tpoint score. Instead, on limited petrol and no budget for tea and cakes, and approaching the anniversary of my joining geograph, I resolved to finish my first hectad and nudge my tpoint score up to 100. As the hectad in question was centred on Swindon, and rain was forecast for the...
completing a hectad introducing myself

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