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A day trip to London

114 months ago
Steam Tug Portwey
Having discovered that the steam tug Portwey Photo was offering public trips on the Thames, I booked four places and our party departed Worcester at 0730 to catch the 1100 sailing. Portwey is a twin screw coal fired tug and a ride was a very special experience. This was heightened by the trip under Tower Bridge Photo and past HMS Belfast Photo. After two hours or so we disembarked and saw a couple of items of interest on the Isle of Dogs Photo Photo and...
geographing trip report industrial archaeology steam engine steam ship

Hmmmmm Where to start

114 months ago
Kinloch Castle
My last blog entry was for mills weekend in May. Life caught up and at nearly 1am on Saturday 16th July I am catching up! After mills weekend my next trip was to an old time favourite, my previous pictures where very poor but they were taken long before geograph. The place was Abbeydale Industrial forge near Sheffield. I got the train up to Dore station and walked the short distance up. This trip was for the photography so I had my tripod. Afterwards I looked in the wood nearby, sadly I...

Four locations around Applecross

114 months ago
Deep-water construction dock
Fine weather and a weekend unexpectedly to myself gave me an opportunity to clear up a few squares around Applecross that have been outstanding for a while. First, it was to the Kishorn YardPhoto, where I was able to get surprisingly close to the old construction dock. From there, I was forced to head back uphill for a bit, around the boundary fence, to get some shots of the nearby shorelinePhotoPhoto. Then a sweaty reascent to the road, and in the car up to Cuaig....
geo-trip walk

Rona wrap-up

115 months ago
Sgeirean Buidhe Bhorlum
For two years, I've intended to return to Rona to finish off the few remaining green squares. This weekend brought settled fine weather, a favourable tide (low in the early afternoon for those low-lying rocks) and, not least, no personal commitments. So I set off out along Loch Torridon, arriving at Rubha na Fearna Photo an hour or so below low tide. Unable to find Murchadh Breac immediately, I put in briefly to get an accurate grid reference - and found the rock, still half a...
geo-trip boat trip completing a hectad

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