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Doing your best

103 months ago
Gridlock on the A12, Mountnessing
Alternatively titled when life gives lemons make lemonade. The fun of the planning and chase, as well as the map entering to me is as much fun as taking the photos themselves. It is a circular process until maybe me or my car (or anyone else's) run out of steam and go back to seeing how many different views I can preserve of Golders Green. When reading the map for the spring when the days were long enough to allow a free run I made a list of map directions unvisited within reason, and by May...
essex braintree chelmsford

The spring is here

104 months ago
Idsworth Down
Now the figures are in I see people do actually read my blogs here, so will keep going. The clocks going forward have now given me back my freedom, the dark months saw me consolidate areas with green patches, and am now about 10 short of my first full hectad when I get round to doing the rest of it. Having spent a year previously on Geograph-specific trips am now running out of many under 50 miles, so the stakes are rising as each new target is further away than the previous one. But I have...
hampshire petersfield pre-worboys sign harlow essex

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