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Been there, done that

102 months ago
Bridgewick Rd, Dengie
My Geograph career has gone from locating and adding five year's worth of archives to myriad and distance collections. Last year was myriads 4-6, quite enough for one summer (you can't get to many with the clocks back), and hadn't decided exactly what map locations I was after this year besides compass points. That involved getting as far as possible on each main compass point, and as NE crossed into the 7th TM myriad decided to cover both and go up the A12 to Colchester (Hythe actually) on...
dengie essex myriads collecting distances motorways southminster

Plan ahead continued

103 months ago
First sight of the sea, Shorefield Road
I remember my previous hobby, from 1970 to around 1996, when the last privately issued small train tickets left the national rail system on the Isle of Wight ferry. Being much younger and fitter, as well as various reasonably powered cars and friends without families I'd go off into the distance to get tickets from wherever they were issued, knowing they were destined for removal from 1982 onwards, finally leaving the last national station in 1988 at South Merton as far as I know. A handful...
planning myriads

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