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Water everywhere

101 months ago
Dancers Hill Road, Bentley Heath
Having completed all my adjacent myriads the far easier job of completing my first hectad could be carried out, needing 10 squares of the 100 around the edge of Hertfordshire and two in Trent Park. I expected it to require two trips as however careful you are it's easy to miss the odd border, and as Trent Park had few clear landmarks used the pond as my second square out from the car park and assumed the other one I needed was en route. I covered the roads easily through the back of...
completing a hectad

Breaking records

101 months ago
West Hendon playing fields
My maths is something which evaporates as soon as a sum starts manipulating figures. I can however arrange them and happy with statistics, and as a result had a very good chance with the OS grid map to work out all the criteria required for maximum results and efficiency. There are various landmarks, and the most outstanding figure for me on the profile, albeit misleading, is the myriad total. Therefore using my own personal alternative criterion, measurable for each map but not recorded (a...
myriads compass records statistics

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