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A walk from Cullen, Fri, 30 Apr 2021 by Anne Burgess

My companion had set herself a target of walking 100 miles every month. On 29 April I asked her how many miles she had done that month. "88", she replied, "So I need to do 12 tomorrow". "All right", I said, "I'll come with you but I'm not giving you a choice of where. We'll do Cullen to Tugnet because it's mostly the old railway line so it's flat or gently downhill all the way. Will that be far enough?" She consulted Mr Google and replied, "11.2 miles". "Ah well, I'm sure we can find a detour to make it up to 12", said I optimistically. It turned out that it hadn't occurred to Mr Google that anyone would want to walk, and he had given the distance by road. The actual distance was 14.5 miles (!) by the time we got back to the car we had left at Tugnet. It's quite a varied walk, passing along cliff tops and beaches and through farmland, villages, the town of Buckie and a short forest section.

Click the blue circles to see a photograph taken from that spot and read further information about the location. The blue lines indicate the direction of view. There is also a slideshow of this trip. ( )

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NJ5167 : North Castle Street by Anne Burgess
North Castle Street
North Castle Street slopes steeply down to pass under the old railway viadict.

NJ4967 : Cullen Golf Course by Anne Burgess
Cullen Golf Course
A glimpse of the golf course from the old railway line, which is now part of the... more

NJ4967 : Concrete Block by Anne Burgess
Concrete Block
I wondered if this building was part of the wartime defences but the detailed map... more

NJ4968 : Cruats by Anne Burgess
The house at Cruats, framed by the parapets of an accommodation bridge over the... more

NJ4968 : The Whale's Mou by Anne Burgess
The Whale's Mou
When you look at this cave-cum-arch from here, you can see how it might have got its name.

NJ4968 : Cullen Bay by Anne Burgess
Cullen Bay
The feature in the foreground looks almost like a building, but I'm not sure that... more

NJ4968 : Flight of Steps by Anne Burgess
Flight of Steps
This is the top part of the path up from the beach to the top of the cliffs.

NJ4968 : Colourful Bench by Anne Burgess
Colourful Bench
The plaque reads 'In Memory of Claire Devlin. Forever 21. Who loved Dolphins'.... more

NJ4968 : Cliffs near Portknockie by Anne Burgess
Cliffs near Portknockie
The grassy ridge in the foreground, with the row of Shags perched along it,... more

NJ4968 : Bow Fiddle Rock by Anne Burgess
Bow Fiddle Rock
Not the classic shot of the natural arch, but from the cliffs to the south.

NJ4968 : Rocky Coast by Anne Burgess
Rocky Coast
The inlet in the foreground is just west of the Bow Fiddle Rock. The only other... more

NJ4968 : Cleared Land by Anne Burgess
Cleared Land
Comparing this with [[[6459004]]] you can see that the old wooden sheds have been... more

NJ4868 : Patrol Road by Anne Burgess
Patrol Road
Gable ends of houses in the streets that lead off Patrol Road. The nearest one has... more

NJ4768 : Sea Stacks near Findochty by Anne Burgess
Sea Stacks near Findochty
East of Findochty is a rocky shore with numerous sea stacks and caves, and plenty... more

NJ4668 : Fungus by Anne Burgess
A rather jelly-like fungus growing on rotting wood. I do not know what it is.

NJ4668 : New Street by Anne Burgess
New Street
Nearest the camera are the backs of the houses on New Street, including at least... more

NJ4668 : Doorway by Anne Burgess
The door with its heart-shaped decorative wreath has a traditional painted stone surround.

NJ4668 : Painted Bench by Anne Burgess
Painted Bench
My eye was caught by this wrought iron bench, painted an unusual shade of lilac.

NJ4668 : Findochty Parish Kirk by Anne Burgess
Findochty Parish Kirk
Originally a United Presbyterian kirk, this plain building was opened for worship... more

NJ4668 : Junction of Blantyre Terrace and Church Street by Anne Burgess
Junction of Blantyre Terrace and Church Street
The houses with the white-painted door and window surrounds are on Blantyre... more

NJ4667 : Station Road by Anne Burgess
Station Road
Station Road winds steeply up from the harbour to the site of the long-vanished... more

NJ4667 : Findochty by Anne Burgess
The view of the harbour from one of the paths in the upper part of the village. We... more

NJ4567 : Findochty by Anne Burgess
The anchor stands beside the path to the war memorial and golf course, commanding... more

NJ4667 : Findochty Harbour by Anne Burgess
Findochty Harbour
Looking towards the harbour from the path to the war memorial. The harbour looks... more

NJ4567 : Findochty War Memorial by Anne Burgess
Findochty War Memorial
The war memorial occupies a prominent spot overlooking the village and harbour. It... more

NJ4567 : Memorial Bench by Anne Burgess
Memorial Bench
The bench is of polished granite and commemorates Annie Bella Coull, wife of Ian... more

NJ4567 : Bay East of Craig Head by Anne Burgess
Bay East of Craig Head
You'd expect a bay like this to have a name, but if it has, the maps don't show it.

NJ4467 : Strathlene Swimming Pool by Anne Burgess
Strathlene Swimming Pool
Or rather, what remains of Strathlene Swimming Pool. The pool is almost filled... more

NJ4466 : Cowslip (Primula veris) by Anne Burgess
Cowslip (Primula veris)
This is not the sort of habitat normally associated with Cowslips, but the few... more

NJ4366 : Portessie by Anne Burgess
A short shingle beach interrupts the boulders provided as sea defences across the... more

NJ4366 : Whale's Wig by Anne Burgess
Whale's Wig
According to the maps this little cove is called Whale's Wig.

NJ4366 : Tombolo by Anne Burgess
This is not as obvious, or perhaps as pretty, as some better known examples, but... more

NJ4366 : Peter Hythe by Anne Burgess
Peter Hythe
The maps name this inlet as Peter Hythe.

NJ4366 : Grant Street by Anne Burgess
Grant Street
Although these are the front elevations of the houses on the south-west side of... more

NJ4366 : Re-purposed Fishing Net by Anne Burgess
Re-purposed Fishing Net
A good way to make use of a scrap of fishing net, presumably as a decorative means... more

NJ4366 : Lifeboat Station by Anne Burgess
Lifeboat Station
The square building is the base of the Buckie lifeboat. The RNLI has had a... more

NJ4265 : Former Lifeboat Station by Anne Burgess
Former Lifeboat Station
There have been five lifeboat stations in Buckie since the RNLI first placed a... more

NJ4265 : Coastguard Station by Anne Burgess
Coastguard Station
This building in Baron Street is the base for coastguard teams from Nairn,... more

NJ4265 : Moray Coastguard Station by Anne Burgess
Moray Coastguard Station
This building in Baron Street, Buckie, is the base for coastguard teams from... more

NJ4265 : Stripes by Anne Burgess
I am unsure whether this is a gate or a shed, or even a combination of both, but... more

NJ4265 : Sea Yonder by Anne Burgess
Sea Yonder
A slight pun cleverly executed in rope. The shed has appeared since 2008, when the... more

NJ4265 : Yardie by Anne Burgess
Yardie lies on a narrow strip between the road and the sea, and most of it is a... more

NJ4265 : Yardie by Anne Burgess
Yardie lies on a narrow strip between the road and the sea, and most of it is a... more

NJ4265 : Yardie by Anne Burgess
Yardie lies on a narrow strip between the road and the sea, and most of it is a... more

NJ4165 : High Tide by Anne Burgess
High Tide
When the tide is high, the path along the sea wall is a very wet place to be. This... more

NJ4165 : Abandoned Bicycle by Anne Burgess
Abandoned Bicycle
Obviously going nowhere - but will it withstand the next storm?

NJ4165 : Recycled Lighthouse? by Anne Burgess
Recycled Lighthouse?
Someone has enjoyed creating this garden feature from old tyres.

NJ4065 : A New Lease of Life by Anne Burgess
A New Lease of Life
The [[[980284]]] has been lying empty for years, but is now being converted into... more

NJ4064 : Former Railway Bridge by Anne Burgess
Former Railway Bridge
The double span carried the Great North of Scotland Railway across both the Burn... more

NJ4064 : Millennium Milepost by Anne Burgess
Millennium Milepost
One of the many mileposts erected to marek national cycle routes and commemorate... more

NJ4064 : Former Railway Trackbed by Anne Burgess
Former Railway Trackbed
This stratch of the former Great North of Scotland Railway is now part of the... more

NJ3964 : 14 Stewart Street by Anne Burgess
14 Stewart Street
The rear of [[[6732324]]] is just about as grotty as the front, but the garden has... more

NJ3864 : Former Railway Bridge by Anne Burgess
Former Railway Bridge
The bridge carried the minor road from Porttannachy to Auchenhalrig over the Great... more

NJ3864 : Burn of Tynet by Anne Burgess
Burn of Tynet
The water level has fallen, and the scene is greener and more inviting, than it... more

All images © Anne Burgess and available under a Creative Commons licence external link.

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