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Geograph Announcements

Christmas is near, give Geograph a present.

Firstly thank you to all who have donated money to keep the project running and especially to those who donate regularly. Thank you to all those volunteers who work hard to keep the project running smoothly.

In late March, I posted this on the forum: -
At the meeting, the budget for 2017 was agreed. This shows a budgeted loss of some £5,500 based on donations receivable of £10,000.

Updating this information.
For the ten months to the end of October donations totalled £7,860. Gift Aid will add another £1,540 making a total of £9,400. With two months still to go in the year the budgeted income from donations will be surpassed and possibly the 2016 donations total of £10,825 will also be surpassed. I would now estimate that the project will make a loss of some £3,300 for the year (rather than the £5,500 budgeted.

So once again I appeal for donations from all those who use the site. Please give generously to support this marvellous project.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this appeal brought in enough funds to cover the projected loss?

Michael Dibb
Posted by Michael Dibb on Wed, 29 Nov (9 comments)

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