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Geograph Announcements

Tweaking images as part of submission?

We've had basic intergration to a 'image editor' as part of submission, but its no longer really functional with Flash being phased out.

Potentially we could add new editor to submission process, but unclear how much use it would get. So in order to gauge interest, made a (anonymous ) feedback form jGunwgjE2tD8ho2An6WA/viewform

If you have a few minutes please fill it out.
Posted by Barry Hunter on Tue, 1 Dec (28 comments)

Upcoming server changes

We going to be soon implementing some major changes to the backend system for storing images, to be more 'cloud like'. Should hopefully improve reliablity, performance and even cost.

Giving heads up because there is will be significant risk of issues, despite being tested right now on a seperate test version of the site.

Planning to make the change around midday on Sunday. There will be a short downtime for the submission at that time (10 minutes?) but otherwise the site as a whole should remain online.

I'll ask now for patience following the change, particully from moderators, if images dont appear, etc. If new images appear 'broken' right after submission, please dont rush to reject and resubmit, if the image was visible during submission it almost certainly will be just hidden, and needs a nudge.

More details closer to the time.
Posted by Barry Hunter on Wed, 11 Nov (5 comments)

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