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Geograph Announcements

Secure login on Geograph Website

Its taken us a while, but finally turned the login form on Geograph website 'Secure'. So now now your much harder for the password etc to be read by third parties. (the risk has always been low on Geograph because we don't have much 'secret' information, like credit card details)

This should be transparent, don't need to do anything specifically.

... that been said, it's still new, and a fairly substantial upgrade so there might be issues. If you find any problems please do let me know.

(while using the site, might find yourself jumping back and forth between [http://] and [https://] but, in general this shouldn't matter, just odd. Also a few pages will display a 'hollow' (or non-green) padlock, but hopefully this shouldn't be affecting the functionality of the pages. Again let me know if do have a problem somewhere)
Posted by Barry Hunter on Thu, 17 Aug (3 comments)

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