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Geograph Announcements

Migration Plan + Pre-Testing the Cloud System

Its taken a bit longer than originally thought, but getting very close to the final migration (needs be done by the end of the month anyway!)
I'll but more details in the next post, but as a quick summery.

Hope to open the 'cloud hosted' site for testing by a small group of volenteres. Hopefully in the next few days. Testing out the site, and hopefully finding an reporting any bugs for me to quickly address. O_bXRBqKEW-w6ADhVgeA/viewform?usp=sf_link

Then later, on the 26th. The site will be completely offline for final migration. Probably between 11am and 3pm or so.

Don't plan on being able to use much of the site, or submission for the rest of the day. While the site should be online, will be final testing taking place.
Posted by Barry Hunter on Fri, 18 Sep (8 comments)

Help Geograph move to the Cloud

Our proposed move to the Cloud has turned out to be much more complicated and much more time consuming than first thought. Consequently much more expensive. Instead of 2,000 that was estimated for the second and third stages of the project, the cost will be 12,000 and that is after Barry has done a tremendous amount of work.
Please donate generously to enable Geograph to complete this essential project. Our donations page is
Posted by Geograph Trustees on Thu, 3 Sep (0 comments)

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