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M2173 : Culleen townland by Robert Ashby
M2172 : Fields and hedgerows at Lynchsacres by Oliver Dixon
M2273 : Farm buildings at Kilskeagh by Oliver Dixon
M2273 : Fortville townland by Robert Ashby
M2272 : Farm buildings and old pump at Togher by Oliver Dixon
M2072 : Ponds at Carrowkilleen by Oliver Dixon
M2071 : Barn at Carrowslattery by Oliver Dixon
M2073 : Farm at Annies by Oliver Dixon
M2171 : Cattle and houses at Knocknadrimna by Oliver Dixon
M1973 : Roadside bungalow near Annie's Bridge, Rinaneel by Oliver Dixon
M2173 : Cloonnagappoge townland by Robert Ashby
M2173 : A pattern of peat by Robert Ashby

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