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O1831 : Ground of Old Belvedere Rugby Football Club by Doug Lee
O1831 : The Tara Towers Hotel, Merrion Road, Dublin 4 by Eric Jones
O1931 : Dublin seen from the Stena Adventurer Ship by Ian S
O1931 : The Merrion Strand with views extending to the Pool Beg Power Station by Eric Jones
O1831 : Carnival at the RDS, Simmonscourt. by Sarah777
O1931 : Strand Road by David Dixon
O1931 : Merrion Strand by Jonathan Thacker
O1931 : Waiting traffic at the level crossing on Sydney Parade by Eric Jones
O1931 : Park Avenue by Doug Lee
O2031 : Lugworm casts on the sand by Doug Lee
O1931 : Alongside the beach at Merrion Strand by Jonathan Thacker
O1931 : Church of the Sacred Heart (Donnybrook) by Pedro Sanchez
O2031 : Sandymount Strand by Doug Lee
O1931 : Merrion gates, Dublin by Albert Bridge
O1931 : Special train at Sydney Parade station by The Carlisle Kid
O1931 : Houses and traffic on Strand Road by Jonathan Thacker
O1931 : Pools and birds on the Merrion Strand by Eric Jones
O1931 : View east from the level crossing on Strand Road by Eric Jones
O1931 : Level Crossing at the end of Strand Road by David Dixon
O1831 : The Pembroke Cricket Club Grounds, Sydney Parade by Eric Jones
O1931 : Church of Saint John the Evangelist by Doug Lee
O1931 : Railway Track at Merrion Strand by David Dixon

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