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G8576 : Munterneese Townland by Kenneth  Allen
G8576 : Road near Stonepark by Kenneth  Allen
G8376 : Road at Drumgorman by louise price
G8476 : Fork in Road by louise price
G8376 : Stanley 8 Range by louise price
G8577 : Long House by louise price
G8376 : Cottage front by louise price
G8477 : Road at Drumgorman Barr by Kenneth  Allen
G8376 : Cottage window by louise price
G8477 : Drumgorman Barr by Kenneth  Allen
G8377 : Ruined building at Keeney's Crossing by Kenneth  Allen
G8376 : 250 Year Old Cottage by louise price
G8377 : Keeney's Crossing: No. 15 by louise price

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