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G9279 : Railway gatehouse at Drimark by louise price
G9179 : Killymard Church of Ireland by Kenneth  Allen
G9179 : Crossroads at Ballydevitt by Kenneth  Allen
G9180 : Road to Ballydevitt Hill by louise price
G9179 : National School, Ballydevitt Beg by Kenneth  Allen
G9279 : Millpark Hotel, Donegal by Dean Molyneaux
G9279 : Apple tree: Drumgorman by louise price
G9179 : Road at Ballydevitt by Kenneth  Allen
G9179 : Church at Red Bridge by louise price
G9279 : Road to Ballydevitt by louise price
G9179 : School plaque, Ballydevitt by Kenneth  Allen
G9179 : Road at Ballydevitt by Kenneth  Allen
G9279 : Donegal Bypass at Mullans by Dean Molyneaux
G9279 : A housing estate and industrial buildings in the Donegal Town suburb of Drumrock by Eric Jones
G9279 : The Mill Park Hotel on N56 outside Donegal Town by Eric Jones

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