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N1454 : N55 by Richard Webb
N1354 : Approaching the Longford/Westmeath Border at Tang by Eric Jones
N1352 : Improved bend in the N55 between Corback and Creggy by Eric Jones
N1454 : Disused farmhouse on the N55 north of Tang by Eric Jones
N1353 : Entering Tang/Teanga on the N55 by Eric Jones
N1252 : Grass field, Brackagh by Richard Webb
N1454 : Co, Longford's grass by Richard Webb
N1455 : Roadside advert by Richard Webb
N1353 : Church, Tang by Richard Webb
SE2357 : Heading south east from Kettlesing Bottom by JThomas
N1252 : Cattle, Brackagh by Richard Webb
N1354 : Tang River by Richard Webb
N1453 : A minor road near Tang by Richard Webb
N1252 : A dangerous bend on the N55 at Creggy by Eric Jones
N1353 : Sharp bend in the N55 near the Parish Church of Drumraney, Tang by Eric Jones
N1354 : Field, Tang by Richard Webb
N1252 : Industrial sign by Richard Webb
N1453 : After the silage has been taken in by Richard Webb
N1353 : The safety fence around the school playing fields of Scoil Mhuire, Teanga/Tang by Eric Jones
N1352 : Stream near Tang by Richard Webb
N1455 : Farm shed by Richard Webb
N1455 : Minor road junction on the N55 at Carrickbeg by Eric Jones
N1354 : The N55 on the northern approach into Tang by Eric Jones
N1353 : Tang, County Westmeath by Sarah777
SE2357 : Felliscliffe Chapel of Ease by JThomas
SE2357 : Grazing near Kettlesing Bottom by JThomas
SE2357 : West Syke Green by Derek Harper
SE2357 : Closed Footpath, Tang by David Rogers
SE2357 : Tang Hamlet by David Rogers
SE2357 : Felliscliffe Chapel of Ease by Malcolm Street
SE2357 : Tang Beck Farm by John Sparshatt
SE2357 : Water Main, Tang by David Rogers
SE2357 : Barse Beck Lane heading south-westward by Peter Wood
SE2357 : Pasture near Ashley House by Chris Heaton
SE2357 : Kettlesing Church by John Sparshatt
SE2357 : Barse Beck Lane near West Syke Green Farm by Mark Anderson
SE2357 : Muddy footpath near Kettlesing Bottom by John Sparshatt
SE2357 : Hillside farm buildings by JThomas
N1354 : N55, Tang Bridge by N Chadwick
N1353 : N55, Tang by N Chadwick
N1355 : Big tree by N Chadwick
N1353 : N55 approaching Tang by N Chadwick
N1252 : N55 by N Chadwick

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