1st Conference - Breakout sessions

Published: 16 February 2010
Look and Feel
The UI has grown considerably in 5 years. If we look at what
we have in terms of data and processes, what could we do to reboot the user
experience? Also Dealing with bloat

Resetting the grid
How to drive re-coverage of existing squares?
Possible strategies: Full, partial, rolling, or otherwise
The points worked great for launching the project, but could the
competitive element be reduced to focus on quality? Maybe combined
with resetting the grid?

How Do I
Interactive session, more question and
answer. But demo of some tips and tricks.

What complaints do we get? How do we deal with them? How can we
distribute the workload and train more "PR diplomats" to assist?

Replacement for categories
the long promised tags. This would be discussion
on how we see tagging working and gauge some feedback from people who would
be using it

Is moderation working?
Can the moderation process be improved? What do
people feel works, and where is it failing?

Dilution of Geograph Criteria
Over time we have become less selective, and now allow a lot of images
that once wouldn't have been accepted. Does this matter, can it be

Streamlining tickets
How best to handle change requests? How can we avoid
making contributors feel "targeted".

Creative Commons License Text by Barry Hunter, February 2010 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
With contributions by Penny Mayes. (details)
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