1st Conference - Proposed Talks

Published: 9 February 2010
Britain's Lost Landscapes
Several sites have provided stark evidence of how landscapes physically change over time. .... I was not sure if the photographs in my possession were the only photographic record of this process but upon the discovery of "Geograph" it occurred to me that it could be used as a public repository for them.

The trials and tribulations of a Geograph Hunter
What prompted me to join. My futile search for a "Point"- I still haven't got one. The interesting people I have met while out. The excitement of meeting fellow contributors face to face.

Access, how is it working on the ground
The obstacles encountered when trying to access the mountains and glens of the Scottish highlands are varied and depend on the time of year and who owns the land. It is taking a long time to trickle down, ... still trying to keep to the old Ďno trespassingí with no middle ground. Both can be amply demonstrated by how they approach you when you come across them on tracks in the middle of nowhere. The direction from which you access the hills can make a difference to how they treat you.
The Forestry land has an entirely different set of problems.
The further north and the sparser the population you go the harder it is to access the vast estates.
However without the new access laws vast areas of Scotland would have been inaccessible to walkers and such.

Geographing in Islington
... outline how Geograph can be the stimulus to acquiring a depth of local knowledge that might well surpass many long-term residents and hopefully give some insight as to why Geograph is such an absorbing passion.

Disapearing history
A short talk on the history around us that is disappearing from our every day lives, some seen and some not.

Thank you, 'Uncle Sid'
Iíve always been interested in photography, and Iíve always used O.S. maps. In 1975 I bought the best camera that I could afford, ...
Move forward to 2009. I discover Geograph online. Everything that I like about photography and maps, with the added advantage of sharing. Whatís not to like? I start off by adding a few existing photos, but soon take new ones to upload. Itís a great new challenge!
And Uncle Sid? Find out at the conference!

Is this anorak or not?
How I found Geograph
My submissions
Memorable incidents etc
Bits and pieces
Is it anorak or not? Iím certainly hooked.

New Horizons
Photography is a visual medium, therefore coming to Geograph with poor sight creates interesting challenges, my talk explains how Geograph has given me impetus to reach beyond self-set barriers. I hope it will be an inspiration to some.

Why It Started with YHA
....began with forward thinking primary teachers who took us on youth-hostelling holidays. Moving on to teens and all-night orienteering (funny stories to tell), and cycling old-rail tracks. There then began a protracted length of time of walking, leading rambles all of which required understanding of maps - getting a vision in your head of what a location looked like (pre Google Earth you might say), to decide on a route to take. Documenting the photographic events, sometimes to extreme detail, is of course now bearing fruit, and a pleasure to be able to pass on the information for future generations.

What's It All About Geograph
1. How I came across the site
2. Didn't really realise what it was about for a long time
3. Contributions and missed opportunities
4. Being contacted by the world at large ----- positive
5. Being contacted by the world at large ----- negative
6. Used by other websites.
7. Accessibility to some sites photographed --- can agencies do more? ie Forestry Commission
8. What next?

Putting the geography back into Geograph
The stated aim of the Geograph project is to collect geographically representative photographs and information. Although I wouldn't care to be too dogmatic about what constitutes geography, I think we are in danger of forgetting the geographical element. The geographical database is becoming diluted with a number of contributions which are not representative of place; some images concentrate on artistic effect, whilst others are detailed records of natural history or historical images of old transport vehicles, all too often without meaningful reference to their geographical context.

Five a day? Getting your Irish greens
A presentation about the considerable opportunities in Ireland, how I have tackled some of it, and how geographing in Ireland differs from Britain. This will be illustrated with slides (from some of my Geograph photos) where I can talk about particular funny or memorable incidents.

Abbreviations and descriptive words on OS maps
I have been collecting examples of abbreviations and descriptive words on OS 25K and 50K scale maps, wherever possible with a link to a Geograph photo of the place. The results are in two articles so this talk will just be a quick description of what I am doing and some observations.

Quantity and Quality
Geograph is maturing from a competitive to a more collaborative project. I believe it should focus on raising quality while increasing quantity more selectively, to give a sharper experience for the wider audience.

Geograph and Geographical Information Systems
Geographical Information Systems are widely used in academic research in many disciplines. This lightning talk shows the use of Geograph data in one such piece of software, ArcGIS, and highlights the use of Geograph as a resource for scoping, contextual and auxiliary information for research.

Rediscovering Giggleswick's Ebbing and Flowing Well
Kit William's book "Masquerade" led to an American travelling the Atlantic to look for buried treasure at Giggleswick's once famous well in 1980. She discovered a wonder that most people in the locality have never seen themselves today. It continues ebbing and flowing, as it has done for centuries, and this short talk shows where it is and why so few people have seen it.

Photography and the law
1) A brief synopsis of photographers' rights when taking photos in and of public places.
2) A look at the effects - and occasional misuse - of legislation, particularly Section 44 of the anti-terrorism law.
3) Advice on how to respond to challenges as to the lawfulness of taking photographs.

The mundane
...was struck by the disparity of cover in local squares, from 100+ in town centres, to perhaps 2 in suburbs or marginal village/country areas. If a geograph aim is to have at least 4 pix per square, we must include/celebrate the mundane. Most features are mundane, as most life is mundane!

The Hazards of Geographing
A brief, and I hope humorous, series of anecdotes about the ludicrous scrapes I have got myself into while trying to reach green squares in search of Geographs.

From my Inbox
I'm going to talk briefly about some of the uses I've seen Geograph being put to and the issues that have arisen.

Text © Copyright Barry Hunter, February 2010
With contributions by Penny Mayes. (details)
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