Angels on Memorials

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Grave memorials,

When I started to search for angels on grave memorials I found them more sympathetic and 'human'. The search for these continues. There are many graveyards within a half day (geriatric) cycling distance, but so far angel statues are rare. There are many tiny ones that I don't usually bother with and I am finding many of the bas-relief type that are integral with the headstone, at one side or above the flat panel that has the inscription. At first I thought that they are cast from a durable cement, but it seems that they are carved and cost thousands. I try not to include the names on recent grave memorials as that would seem to be too intrusive.

Large grave memorials,

SE0924 : Angel statue in Stoney Royd Cemetery, Halifax by Humphrey Bolton
She seems to be looking at a list of those due to go up, but her right hand appears to be clenched rather than pointing.
by Humphrey Bolton

NS4076 : Memorial to William Young: detail by Lairich Rig
For the whole structure, see NS4076 : Memorial to William Young.

William Young was from Stevenston (NS2742) in North Ayrshire. He trained as a sculptor in Greenock, and some of his work appears in that town's own cemetery (see LinkExternal link for an article about Greenock Cemetery).

After spending some time in Australia, William Young moved, in about 1857, to Dumbarton; he died there on the 15th of May, 1882, aged 54.

The memorial has a human-sized warning angel (this gives some indication of the monument's overall size), with a bronze medallion likeness of Mr Young above it.
by Lairich Rig
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SE1726 : Angel in Cleckheaton New Cemetery, Scholes by Humphrey Bolton
She does have wings, but rather small and hidden behind her back. The memorial is for Louisa Hurley, who died in 1915.
by Humphrey Bolton

TQ2887 : Angel with a Wreath by Bill Nicholls
One of the many angel memorials in Highgate Cemetery
by Bill Nicholls

SO9570 : Angels by Philip Halling
Memorial angels on gravestones in Bromsgrove cemetery.
by Philip Halling

TQ1682 : The Perivale Angel, St Mary's churchyard by David Hawgood
The "Perivale Angel" is a memorial to Francis Hicks who died in 1893. It was restored in 2009 by the Friends of St Mary's and Ealing Decorative and Fine Arts Society.
by David Hawgood
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NT9437 : Intricate Angel Headstone at Ford Church Cemetery, Northumberland by Andrew Tryon
Carved in stone, a pair of kneeling angels holding a wreath.
by Andrew Tryon

NJ9304 : Aberdeen - Allenvale Cemetery - Guardian Angel by Colin Smith
Granite Victorian memorial beneath a cloud of flowering cherry blossom.
LinkExternal link
by Colin Smith

TG2408 : Memorial for Beryl Cushion - angel by Evelyn Simak
The memorial was created by JR Childs, stone and marble masons at Chapelfield and monumental masons at Rose Lane. For a wider view and some information see > Link
by Evelyn Simak
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TG2008 : Angel guarding the grave of Lilian Mary Hunt by Evelyn Simak
One of the many angel monuments in the cemetery, certainly the largest and most interesting. It guards the grave of Lilian Mary, wife of Charles Hunt, who died on 5 December 1930, aged 37. Her grave can be found near the north-eastern corner of Section 52.
by Evelyn Simak
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TF4510 : Angel in the General Cemetery, Wisbech by Richard Humphrey

by Richard Humphrey
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SO0462 : Star on her Head by Bill Nicholls
Angel memorial in the churchyard at St Llyr Llanyre with a star on her head and gesturing to Heaven
by Bill Nicholls

SU4087 : Treasured Memories by Bill Nicholls
Another child like angel in the cemetery at Wantage
by Bill Nicholls

SU5129 : Angel on a Plinth by Bill Nicholls
The Grave marker for Karen Holzapfel with a kneeling angel at Morn Hill Cemetery
by Bill Nicholls

SO0660 : Church Behind the Angels by Bill Nicholls
View of the Old Church Llandrindod Wells with one of the angel memorials in the foreground
by Bill Nicholls

SO0660 : Angels in the Churchyard by Bill Nicholls
One of the most striking features of the churchyard at the Old Church Llandrindod Wells are the angels memorials you see here
by Bill Nicholls

SP5010 : Angel Watching Over by Bill Nicholls
An angel watches over one of the graves in Wolvercote cemetery with the chapel in the background
by Bill Nicholls

TF5073 : Guardian angel by Richard Croft
19th century memorial to several members of the Sylvester family, guarding the path to St.Helen's church at Cumberworth
by Richard Croft

SU4980 : Memorial angel in St Mary's churchyard by Fly
This handsome monument commemorates James East, an East Ilsley racehorse trainer, and his wife Annie, who died in 1918 and 1912 respectively.
by Fly

TR0156 : Angel at St. James' Church Sheldwich by pam fray
The inscription below the angel reads "In Ever Loving Memory of Lady Mary Georgina Goodwin the dearly loved eldest daughter of George 1st Earl Sondes and Charlotte his wife. Born 22 November 1859. Called unto her rest 10 March 1908."
by pam fray

SP7568 : Angel in prayer by Bill Nicholls
Rather impressive memorial of an angel at prayer stands in the graveyard of All Saints Pitsford.
by Bill Nicholls

SK9669 : Ellison Angel by Richard Croft
An Ellison family memorial of a 'cross angel', the unfortunate victim of several attacks by vandals, repeatedly repaired.
by Richard Croft

SE3244 : Angels in Harewood Cemetery by Humphrey Bolton
The big angel, pointing heavenwards, is like a cricket umpire - "Out!".
by Humphrey Bolton

SO0462 : View of the Angel by Bill Nicholls
Which looks like it is a different material to the rest of the memorial and could well have been added at a later date at St Llyr Llanyre
by Bill Nicholls

SE0924 : Angel on a cross, Stoney Royd Cemetery, Halifax by Humphrey Bolton
She has her left arm raised with clenched fist like this one SE0924 : Angel statue in Stoney Royd Cemetery, Halifax. I hope her pointing finger has not broken off. Her left hand is holding a sprig of leaves.
by Humphrey Bolton

SE1730 : Battered angel in Bowling Cemetery, Bradford by Humphrey Bolton
A very pretty angel, but she has lost a hand and part of a wing.
by Humphrey Bolton

SE0915 : Angel on the Whitwam Memorial, Golcar by Humphrey Bolton
This is a close view of the angel on the memorial to the Whitwam family shown in SE0915 : The Whitwam family memorial, Golcar. There is a sad addition to the inscription on the pedestal: "Also seven of their children who died in infancy".
by Humphrey Bolton

SE1017 : Angel reading on a memorial monument, Lindley by Humphrey Bolton
This is in the graveyard of the Baptist Chapel at Salendine Nook. Presumably the book is the Bible.
by Humphrey Bolton

SE1118 : Angel in the churchyard, St Stephen's, Lindley by Humphrey Bolton
As so often a hand has been broken off. She has a nice face, and seems to float in the air.
by Humphrey Bolton

SE1317 : Angel in Edgerton Cemetery, Huddersfield by Humphrey Bolton
This is a very large cemetery, but this is the only angel that I could find.
by Humphrey Bolton

SE2020 : Angel in the burial ground of Zion Baptist Chapel, Mirfield by Humphrey Bolton
This memorial was erected in 1894 and restored in 2002.
by Humphrey Bolton

SE2324 : Angel statue for Daniel Calvert and his wife, Batley Cemetery by Humphrey Bolton
The plinth is inscribed 'artist' and, strangely, there is currently an artist with the same name. This Daniel, however, died in 1926. His wife, Deborah, died ten years later.
by Humphrey Bolton

SE0519 : A warrior angel in Christ Church churchyard, Barkisland by Humphrey Bolton
She has a bullet-proof bodice and looks ready for battle, but her sword has been broken at the hilt. This is more like a war memorial than a grave memorial.
by Humphrey Bolton

SE0523 : Angel in Sowerby Bridge Cemetery by Humphrey Bolton
She has a nice face; pity both arms are broken off. An inscription calls her 'Hope'.
by Humphrey Bolton

SE1734 : Anel in Undercliffe Cemetery by Humphrey Bolton
Unfortunately she has lost an arm.
by Humphrey Bolton

SE2639 : Two angels in the old part of Lawnswood Cemetery by Humphrey Bolton
There are many angels in this part of the cemetery. These two are next to each other. For a close view of the one on the left see SE2639 : Young angel in the old part of Lawnswood Cemetery.
by Humphrey Bolton

SE2639 : Angel with cross in the old part of Lawnswood Cemetery by Humphrey Bolton
This angel has magnificent wings.
by Humphrey Bolton

SE2639 : Crouched angel, sleeping, Lawnswood Cemetery by Humphrey Bolton
This was erected in 1914 for Mabel Schofield. Position forgotten, but in the old wooded part of the cemetery.
by Humphrey Bolton

SE2639 : Memorial for Sam Wilson, Lawnswood Cemetery by Humphrey Bolton
This was erected in 1918. It is made of bronze. An angel with very big wings holds a torch aloft, and below on the left a figure representing Faith, and on the right Benevolence. It is listed, Grade II.
by Humphrey Bolton

SE2639 : Angel in Lawnswood Cemetery, 1910 extension by Humphrey Bolton
This angel has big wings that have not been damaged.
by Humphrey Bolton

SE2337 : Angel, Horsforth Cemetery by Humphrey Bolton
This is for the Holdsworth family, erected in 1922.
by Humphrey Bolton

SE1223 : Angel in the churchyard, Southowram by Humphrey Bolton
A plump jolly angel.
by Humphrey Bolton

Also, in Undercliffe Cemetery, Bradford, there is a very fine Grade II listed statue of a mourner near the eastern boundary. Unfortunately my attempt to photograph it was a failure.


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