Architectural features illustrated

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Mansard roof - a curb hip roof in which each face has two slopes, the lower one steeper than the upper; from the French mansarde after the accomplished 17th-century French architect noted for using (not inventing) this style, François Mansart.
TF0206 : 26 St Peter's Street, Stamford by Alan Murray-Rust TF0207 : 4 All Saints' Place, Stamford by Alan Murray-Rust SP0167 : Mansard roofs of houses in Pine Tree Close, Batchley, Redditch by Robin Stott ST8558 : Trowbridge houses [7] by Michael Dibb

Marriage stone - a stone lintel, usually carved, with a marriage date.
NO2507 : Marriage Lintel, Falkland by Bill Kasman NO2806 : House with Marriage Lintel by Barbara Carr NO2507 : A thatched house,  #2 East Port by Stanley Howe NO2507 : Lintel showing date of marriage/house-building by Barbara Carr NT2673 : Carved lintel in Boyd's Entry by kim traynor NT2898 : New towns are not all new by James Allan

Mascaron - A mascaron ornament is a face, usually human, sometimes frightening or chimeric, used as a decorative element.
SS9512 : Tiverton : Town Hall Keystone by Lewis Clarke SK5739 : Keystone carving, High Pavement by Andrew Abbott TQ3877 : Keystone by Richard Croft SK8524 : Church of St Bartholomew, Sproxton by Alan Murray-Rust SK7730 : Church of St Guthlac, Stathern by Alan Murray-Rust

Meander - Decorative border made by a repeated linear motif.
SX9191 : Hampden Place, Alphington Street, Exeter by Stephen Richards NZ2463 : Detail of 9-17 Collingwood Street, Newcastle (1) by Stephen Richards SK3587 : Detail of 9 Commercial Street, Sheffield by Stephen Richards SK5903 : Detail of 62-64 New Walk, Leicester by Stephen Richards

Minaret - In Islamic architecture, a tall spire with a conical or onion-shaped crown, on or near a mosque, that is used by the imam to give the prayer call.
SP5206 : Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, courtyard, dome and minaret by David Hawgood TQ3481 : Minarets, East London Mosque, Whitechapel by Jim Osley TQ3104 : Minarets, Royal Pavilion, Brighton by Jim Osley SO8318 : For the faithful by Neil Owen

Modillion - Enriched block or horizontal bracket generally found under the cornice and above the bedmold of the Corinthian entablature. It is probably so called because of its arrangement in regulated distances.
TQ2882 : Regent's Park: Chester Terrace by Nigel Cox TR2335 : Globe Inn - Folkestone by David Wright SP7387 : Market Harborough United Reformed Church by Andrew Abbott TQ2768 : Former Burn Bullock, London Road by Stephen Richards

Moulding - Decorative finishing strip.
NJ5167 : Decorative Moulding by Anne Burgess NZ2742 : Boots store, Market Place, Durham by Rose and Trev Clough TL1298 : Church of St Kyneburgha, Castor by Alan Murray-Rust SK8314 : Church of St Andrew, Whissendine by Alan Murray-Rust

Mullion - a vertical bar of wood, metal or stone which separates two or more windows in a series.
TA0225 : Beacon Garth, Hessle - Detail - Mullion Window by David Wright SJ8763 : St John's Church, Buglawton- Northern window by Jonathan Kington SK4112 : Mullion Windows by Ashley Dace SO1953 : Windows inside St. David's church (Nave | Colva) by Fabian Musto TF9839 : Old window by M H Evans

Muntin - a vertical or horizontal piece that divides a pane of glass into two or more panes or lights in a window.
SY5195 : Cottage, Mappercombe by Derek Harper SW7827 : Lychgate at Church of St Mawnan by Stuart Logan TL4953 : Tadlow Granary - Wandlebury by ad acta SO9434 : The Manor, Aston on Carrant by Philip Halling

Mutule - Rectangular block under the soffit of the cornice of the Greek Doric temple, which is studded with guttae. Not to be confused with Dentile decoration
TM4490 : Worlingham Hall by Adrian S Pye SK3395 : Barnes Hall near Bracken Hill, Sheffield by Neil Theasby [[[]]] [[[]]]


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