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Q and R

Quoin - The cornerstones of brick or stone walls. Quoins are also common in some brickwork corners that are alternately recessed and expressed.
SE2935 : Holborn Church, Holborn Approach by Roger Templeman NY6226 : End cottage in row at Longmoor Row beside A66 by Luke Shaw SK7730 : Quoins at 3 Church Lane, Stathern by Alan Murray-Rust SO4959 : The Forbury by Philip Halling NY4753 : Benchmark on Pheasant Cottage by Roger Templeman

Rake - is equivalent to slope which is the ratio of the rise to the run of the roof.
TQ5512 : Oast House by Oast House Archive T1296 : St Kevin's Church by N Chadwick SU9716 : Steep roofed barn at Barlavington Farm by Dave Spicer TQ6631 : Oast House by Oast House Archive TQ6645 : Oast House by Oast House Archive TG4107 : Large agricultural building by Adrian S Pye SJ8496 : Former JEB Building, Dilworth Street, Manchester by Stephen Richards SH7781 : West Shore Tram Shelter by Gerald England

Rear vault - Vault of the internal hood of a doorway or window to which a splay has been given on the reveal, sometimes the vaulting surface is terminated by a small rib known as the scoinson rib, and a further development is given by angle shafts carrying this rib, known as scoinson shafts
SK6608 : Church of All Saints, Beeby by Alan Murray-Rust SK8314 : Church of St Andrew, Whissendine by Alan Murray-Rust SK7624 : Church of St Egelwin, Scalford by Alan Murray-Rust SK6608 : Church of All Saints, Beeby by Alan Murray-Rust

Return -
Receding edge of a flat face. On a flat signboard, for example, the return is the edge which makes up the board's depth.
TF0336 : Church of St. Barbara:  Stone graffiti by Bob Harvey TQ6245 : All Saints', South Window by Chagall by Oast House Archive TG2408 : The burial chapel in Rosary Cemetery - stained glass window by Evelyn Simak TF0537 : St Andrew's church: The east Window by Bob Harvey

Revolving door - An entrance door for excluding drafts from an interior of a building. A revolving door typically consists of three or four doors that hang on a centre shaft and rotate around a vertical axis within a round enclosure.
SO9233 : A glimpse of a race car by Philip Halling ST6899 : The Berkeley Arms by Neil Owen TQ3088 : Entrance, Hornsey Town Hall, London N8 by Christine Matthews TQ2982 : 250 Euston Road by Stephen McKay

Rib vault - The intersection of two or three barrel vaults.
TL2985 : Church of St Thomas à Becket, Ramsey by Alan Murray-Rust SO4430 : Ribbed vault inside St. Mary and St. David's church (Apse | Kilpeck) by Fabian Musto SK9909 : Church of St Peter, Tickencote by Alan Murray-Rust SJ4066 : Chester cathedral: undercroft by Stephen Craven

Ridge board -
A structural member that runs the length of the ridge (high point) on a sloped roof to which the upper ends of rafters are attached.
SJ9495 : Roof of Newton Hall by Gerald England TF2557 : High House barn by Richard Croft SO6369 : Church of St Michael, Knighton-on-Teme by Alan Murray-Rust TF2557 : High House barn by Richard Croft

Roof, Box gable -
TM0458 : Stowmarket: gable on shop in Bury Street by Christopher Hilton TM0458 : Bury Street, Stowmarket by Christopher Hilton

Roof, Barrel -
SP4663 : Barrel-roof at Calcutt by Andy F TL3142 : Litlington: the Litlington Cage (or St Peter's Hole) by John Sutton TQ3977 : Vista Apartments  by Stephen Craven SU6136 : Barn at Lucys Wood by Colin Smith TF3086 : Building near footpath by Kate Nicol

Roof, Butterfly -
SX9266 : Coridon House by Derek Harper H4672 : Houses with butterfly roofs, Omagh by Kenneth  Allen

Roof, Combination -
SK9934 : A jumble of roofs by Bob Harvey TF0733 : Exaggerated eaves by Bob Harvey -

Roof, Cross hipped -
TF0924 : House with slate roof by Bob Harvey TM2660 : The Chequers Public House, Kettleburgh by Geographer

Roof, Dormer -
TF2425 : Dormer roofed cottage by Bob Harvey SO8540 : Rooftops and the Pepperpot Tower by Philip Halling

Roof, Dutch Barn Style
NZ4119 : Fairfield Road, Stockton by Graham Robson

Roof, Dutch gable -
TL3256 : Bourn: The Great Barn, Manor Farm by John Sutton TL4953 : Tadlow Granary - Wandlebury by Fernweh

Roof, Flat -
TQ3691 : Rowan Avenue, near Chingford by Malc McDonald TQ3172 : York Hill, West Norwood by Malc McDonald NR8669 : Lorne Villa, Tarbert, Argyll by Claire Pegrum

Roof, Gambrel -
TF0206 : 27 St Peter's Street, Stamford by Alan Murray-Rust TF0206 : Austin House, 4 Austin Street, Stamford by Alan Murray-Rust TF0307 : Former stables adjacent to Brazenose School House by Alan Murray-Rust TF0307 : 19 Broad Street, Stamford by Alan Murray-Rust

Roof, Hip -
SO8275 : Snow on roof of old toilets, Brinton Park, Kidderminster, Worcs by P L Chadwick ST8001 : Milton Abbas houses [6] by Michael Dibb SK6456 : Barn at Old Manor Farm, Farnsfield by Alan Murray-Rust

Roof, Hip and valley -
ST3188 : Ornate gables, Caerleon Road, Newport by Jaggery

Roof, Hexagonal / gazebo -
ST7993 : Hexagonal in the round - Ozleworth, Gloucestershire by Martin Richard Phelan TM2935 : The Round House, High Street, Walton by Simon Mortimer SE5292 : Brewster Hill by Mick Garratt NN0810 : Carloonan Fishing Pavilion by Kenneth Mallard

Roof, Jerkinhead / half-hipped-
TF0820 : Growing on the roof by Bob Harvey SU3687 : Hazeldene, Childrey, Oxfordshire by Oswald Bertram SU2095 : College Farm barn, Upper Inglesham by Vieve Forward TA1533 : Lime Tree Lane, Bilton, Yorkshire by Bernard Sharp

Roof, Lean-to -
SK9214 : Church of St Mary, Greetham by Alan Murray-Rust

Roof, M shaped -
SK5226 : The Old Rectory, West Leake by Alan Murray-Rust

Roof, Mansard -
TF0206 : 26 St Peter's Street, Stamford by Alan Murray-Rust TF0207 : 4 All Saints' Place, Stamford by Alan Murray-Rust

Roof, Open gable -
SK6706 : Main Street Keyham, with telephone kiosk and The Old Post House by Alan Murray-Rust ST9441 : Upton Lovell: Prince Leopold Inn; phone; postbox by Chris Downer SO8656 : Flats in Furness Close by Richard Dorrell

Roof, Pyramid -
SE1646 : Gazebo at The Grange, Burley-in-Wharfedale by Stephen Craven SU6085 : Gazebos at Littlestoke Manor by Des Blenkinsopp SP2054 : Gazebo, Alveston Manor by Philip Halling

Roof, Saltbox -
NH8072 : Sheltered house at Pitcalnie by sylvia duckworth

Roof, Sawtooth -
SE2734 : Burley Hill Trading Estate (5) by Stephen Craven SO8405 : Northern lights [glazed roof], Lodgemore Mills, Stroud by Christine Johnstone SO8276 : Former Park Wharf Works, Kidderminster by Chris Allen

Roof, Shed -
SJ2329 : Seasoning Shed in Rhydycroesau woods by Philip Ingram NJ2452 : Shed by Anne Burgess

Roof, Skillion and lean-to -
ST2894 : Cranham House, St Dials, Cwmbran by Jaggery ST2895 : Drayton Court, St Dials, Cwmbran by Jaggery

Roof, Thatched -
ST4613 : Thatcher at work - West Chinnock by Sarah Smith TF0916 : Thatched Roof by Bob Harvey SU5288 : Green Shutters, East Hagbourne, Oxfordshire by Oswald Bertram TL5613 : Church Cottage, White Roding by Lee Holmes

Roof verandah -
ST5673 : Unusual roof by Michael Dibb SZ1491 : House with unusual roof and top floor by David Smith SD5288 : An unusual roof by David Brown

Roofs - other
TG4118 : The Dutch Tutch by Evelyn Simak TQ7458 : Oast House by Oast House Archive TQ0005 : Priory Manor - roof feature by Ian Cunliffe

Rotunda - A large and high circular hall or room in a building, usually but not always, surmounted by a dome.
SO8844 : The Rotunda by Ian Capper SX8861 : The Rotunda by Oldway Mansion by Steve Daniels TA0488 : Scarborough, Rotunda by Mike Faherty SU9722 : Petworth House, the rotunda by Alan Hunt


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