Architectural features illustrated

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Cancellus - Barriers which correspond to the modern balustrade or railing, especially the screen dividing the body of a church from the chancel.
SK7887 : St.Martin's chancel by Richard Croft TF2366 : St.Michael's chancel by Richard Croft SE3651 : All Saints, Spofforth - chancel by Stephen Craven ST2952 : Church of Saint Mary, Berrow: The chancel by Bob Harvey TQ6809 : Chancel, St Oswald's church, Hooe by Julian P Guffogg

Cant / Canted- An angled (oblique) line or surface, especially one that cuts off a corner.
SP1270 : Blue brick subway with canted sides by Robin Stott NH6645 : 18-30 Queensgate and 58-60 Church Street, Inverness by Andrew Abbott SK3587 : West corner, Central Library, Surrey Street by Robin Stott SU6089 : Corner of Wood Street by Bill Nicholls

Cantilever - An unsupported overhang acting as a lever, like a flagpole sticking out of the side of a wall.
SD8530 : Towneley Hall, Cantilever Staircase by David Dixon NM9134 : Connel Bridge by Richard Sutcliffe SK3390 : Owls Shop and Cantilever Stand, Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield - 2 by Terry Robinson SK4573 : Cantilevered sign and footbridge on M1 near Junction 29A by David Smith NT1379 : Forth Bridge cantilevers by kim traynor

Capital - The topmost member of a column (or pilaster).
TF2366 : South doorway capital by Richard Croft SK9136 : Church of St Wulfram, Grantham by Alan Murray-Rust TA0322 : Chancel capital, St Mary's church, Barton-Upon-Humber by Julian P Guffogg SP9599 : Church of St. John the Baptist, Wakerley by Alan Murray-Rust

Caryatid - sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support taking the place of a column or a pillar supporting an entablature on her head.
SE2933 : Scottish Union and National Insurance Company building, Park Row, balcony detail by Alan Murray-Rust SP4416 : Caryatids in the Italian Garden by Philip Halling SP4416 : Caryatid in the Italian Garden by Philip Halling J2664 : The Wallace Fountain, Lisburn by Albert Bridge TQ2982 : St. Pancras Church, Euston Road / Upper Woburn Place, NW1 - Caryatid, south side by Mike Quinn TQ2982 : St. Pancras Church, Euston Road / Upper Woburn Place, NW1 - Caryatids, south side by Mike Quinn

Casement window - Window hung vertically, hinged one side, so that it swings inward or outward.
SK5722 : Detail of 23 Wymeswold Road by Alan Murray-Rust ST8038 : 25-26 Church Street by John Potts SP4540 : The Reindeer Inn by Andrew Abbott SY4292 : Chideock : Anvil Cottage by Lewis Clarke

Cauliculus, or caulicole - Stalks (eight in number) with two leaves from which rise the helices or spiral scrolls of the Corinthian capital to support the abacus
SO8744 : Corinthian column and entablature, Island Temple, Croome Park by Philip Halling SJ8989 : Four Corinthian capitals by Gerald England SJ8989 : Four Corinthian capitals by Gerald England

Cellarium - (from the Latin cella, "pantry"), also known as an undercroft, was a storehouse or storeroom, usually in a medieval monastery or castle.
SE2768 : Vaulted cellarium, Fountains Abbey by Andrew Curtis TG0244 : Blakeney Undercroft by Ashley Dace SJ4066 : The Undercroft at Debenhams Department Store, Chester by Jeff Buck TG2208 : Strangers Hall Undercroft by Ashley Dace TF6119 : Undercroft at Clifton House by John M SO8318 : Undercroft below The Fleece by Philip Halling TQ3181 : Chapel undercroft, Lincoln's Inn by Patrick Mackie TQ3181 : Chapel undercroft, Lincoln's Inn by Patrick Mackie

Chancel - In church architecture, the space around the altar at the east end of a traditional Christian church building, including the choir and sanctuary.
TF0267 : Chancel and east window, All Saints' church, Branston by Julian P Guffogg SK9153 : St.Helen's chancel by Richard Croft TF2366 : St.Michael's chancel by Richard Croft TF2274 : St.Swithin's chancel by Richard Croft

Chimera - as an architectural feature, means a fantastic, mythical or grotesque figure used for decorative purposes.
SO7745 : Chimera on Malvern Hills District council offices by Bob Embleton NT2673 : 'The last Chimera' on the Royal Mile by Stanley Howe NS3318 : Justice, Death and Chronos at Alloway by Mary and Angus Hogg [[[]]]

Chimney - A structure which provides ventilation or releases smoke from a fire
NY8053 : Allen Smelt Mill Chimney by Andrew Curtis NY8461 : Stublick Chimney by Andrew Curtis SJ1158 : Twin chimneys on Ruthin Drill Hall/Youth Centre by John S Turner TR1066 : Chimney of the Prince Albert by Stephen Craven TR3864 : Chimney Pots by Oast House Archive J3372 : Chimneys and chimney pots, University Square, Belfast by Albert Bridge TQ1568 : Tudor Chimneys by Colin Smith ST6390 : A Tudor twist by Neil Owen TF8943 : Chimney stacks in Holkham village by Zorba the Geek

Cincture - Ring, list, or fillet at the top and bottom of a column, which divides the shaft from the capital and base.
SJ4160 : Roman Column in Eaton Hall Gardens by Jeff Buck SK7929 : Church of St Denys, Eaton by Alan Murray-Rust SP4316 : The Column of Victory by Steve Daniels


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