Irish Castles

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Clare (A-I)

PhotoRegionCastleGrid Square
M1000 : Ballinalacken Castle. by Dr Charles Nelson ClareBallinalacken CastleM104003
R4863 : Ballintlea Castle by Liam ClareBallintlea CastleR487630
- ClareBallyallia CastleR339815
-ClareBallycorick CastleR280656
R5068 : Ballycullen Castle by LiamClareBallycullen CastleR502683
R3282 : Ballygriffy Tower House by Roger DielClareBallygriffy CastleR321829
R3872 : Castlefergus Castle by Roger DielClareBallyhannon Castle or Castle FergusR388726
R4372 : Castles of Munster: Ballymarkahan, Clare (1) by Mike SearleClareBallymarkahan CastleR436728
R5580 : Ballynahinch Castle by Roger DielClareBallynahinch CastleR552806
R2990 : Ballyportry Tower House by Roger DielClareBallyportry CastleR300901
-ClareBallysallagh Castle or CastlekeelR379673
R1894 : Castles of Munster: Ballyshanny, Clare (1) by Mike SearleClareBallyshanny CastleR187949
R4560 : Bunratty Castle by Eirian EvansClareBunratty CastleR451609
M3201 : Castles of Munster: Cappagh, Clare (1) by Mike SearleClareCappagh CastleM321012
Q8451 : Carrigaholt Castle by Warren Buckley ClareCarrigaholt CastleQ849511
R6783 : Carrowena Tower House by Roger DielClareCarrowena Castle or Castle BawnR677832
R5760 : Castles of Munster: Cashlaunnacorran, Clare  (3) by Mike SearleClareCashlaunnacorran CastleR578599
-ClareCastlelake Castle-
R2897 : Newtown Castle - in ruins - Castletown Townland by Mac McCarronClareCastletown CastleR282979
R3574 : Clare Castle by Graham HornClareClarecastle CastleR352743
R3665 : Castles of Munster: Clenagh, Clare  (1) by Mike SearleClareClenagh CastleR366650
R3898 : Castles of Munster: Cloondooan, Clare (2) by Mike SearleClareCloondooan CastleR380981
R4278 : Clooney Tower House by Roger DielClareClooney CastleR421785
-ClareCloonselherny CastleM391003
-ClareColmanstown CastleR118492
R6363 : Coollisteige Castle by Roger DielClareCoolisteague CastleR637639
R4673 : Castles of Munster: Craggaunowen (1) by Mike SearleClareCraggaunowen CastleR465736
R5159 : Castles of Munster: Cratloekeel, Clare (1) by Mike SearleClareCratloekeel CastleR511590
R5159 : Cratloe Tower House by Roger DielClareCratloemoyle or Cratloe CastleR513595
-ClareCregmoher or Drumfinglas CastleR282865
-ClareCrine, Castle-
R2764 : Dangan Castle by Graham HornClareDangan CastleR279642
R4274 : Castles of Munster: Danganbrack, Clare (1) by Mike SearleClareDanganbrack CastleR427748
-ClareDangan Iviggin CastleR456757
R3995 : Castles of Munster: Derryowen, Clare (1) by Mike SearleClareDerryowen CastleR393954
R0553 : Doonagurroge House by Charles W GlynnClareDonogrogue or Doonnagurroge CastleR054532
R0695 : Doonagore Castle, Doolin, County Clare by Christine Matthews ClareDoonagore Castle (Doolin)R069957
Q9765 : Doonbeg Castle by Simon HuguetClareDoonbeg CastleQ971655
R0796 : Doonmacfelim Tower House by Roger DielClareDoonmacfelim Castle (Doolin)R071969
Q9666 : Doonmore Tower House by Roger DielClareDoonmore Castle Q962666
R0989 : Dough Castle, Lahinch by Bob JonesClareDough Castle R094892
R3970 : Dromoland Castle by Charles W Glynn ClareDromoland CastleR390706
R3586 : Castles of Munster: Dromore, Clare by Mike Searle ClareDromore CastleR353865
R4264 : Drumline Tower House by Roger DielClareDrumline CastleR429647
-ClareDrummeen or Ballycarroll CastleR354850
R2884 : Castles of Munster: Dysert O'Dea, Clare (1) by Mike SearleClareDysert O'Dea CastleR282849
R4970 : Enagh Castle by LiamClareEnagh CastleR497707
-ClareFahee CastleR302995
M1405 : Faunarooska Tower House by Roger DielClareFaunarooska CastleM144053
-ClareFreagh Castle-
R5080 : Garruragh Tower House, Ruins of by Roger DielClareGarruragh CastleR509804
R1387 : Glen Tower House by Roger DielClareGlen CastleR138876
-ClareGlencolumbkille CastleM323000
M1910 : Gleninagh Castle by Dr Charles NelsonClareGleninagh CastleM193103
M2301 : Glensleade Tower House by Roger DielClareGlensleade CastleM230010
-ClareGragan CastleM204036
-ClareInchicronan CastleR397866
R2690 : Ruins on shore of Lough Inchiquin Co. Clare by IrishFlyFisherClareInchiquin CastleR269900
R2290 : Inchoveagh Castle by Roger DielClareInchoveagh (aka Toormore)R222904


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