Irish Castles

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Cork (K-Z)

PhotoRegionCastleGrid Square
R3801 : Castles of Munster: Kanturk, Cork (1) by Mike SearleCorkKanturk Castle (aka Paal East)R382017
R4220 : Castles of Munster: Kilbolane, Cork (revisited 2022) (1) by Mike SearleCorkKilbolane CastleR423210
W5347 : Castles of Munster: Kilbrittain, Cork (1) by Mike SearleCorkKilbrittain CastleW531471
W0132 : Castles of Munster: Kilcoe, Cork by Mike SearleCorkKilcoe CastleW019328
R5811 : Castles of Munster: Kilcolman, Cork by Mike SearleCorkKilcolman CastleR580113
-CorkKilcor Castle-
W5068 : Kilcrea Castle, Farran, Co. Cork by Richard FensomeCorkKilcrea CastleW505683
W5849 : Castles of Munster: Kilgobbin, Cork by Mike SearleCorkKilgobbin CastleW583499
R5006 : Castles of Munster: Kilmaclenine, Cork by Mike SearleCorkKilmaclenine Castle (bawn)R504061
R5006 : Castles of Munster: Kilmaclenine Fortified House, Cork (1) by Mike SearleCorkKilmaclenine Castle (stronghouse)R504062
W2687 : Castles of Munster: Kilmeedy, Cork by Mike SearleCorkKilmeedy CastleW264877
-CorkKilnannan Castle-
X0580 : Castles of Munster: Kilnatoora, Cork by Mike SearleCorkKilnatoora CastleX059800
W6350 : Desmond Castle Kinsale by Sarah SmithCorkKinsale (Desmond Castle - French Prison)W635505
-CorkLeitrim CastleR862009
W8299 : Castles of Munster: Licklash, Cork (1) by Mike SearleCorkLicklash CastleW828999
R4512 : Castles of Munster: Liscarroll, Cork (1) by Mike SearleCorkLiscarroll CastleR451123
R4808 : Castles of Munster: Lisgriffin, Cork (1) by Mike SearleCorkLisgriffin CastleR487083
R4019 : Castles of Munster: Castle Lishen, Cork by Mike SearleCorkLishen, CastleR401194
R4601 : Castles of Munster: Lohort, Cork (1) by Mike SearleCorkLohort, CastleR465014
W8492 : Castles of Munster: Castle Lyons, Cork by Mike SearleCorkLyons, CastleW841926
-CorkMacroney CastleR854023
W3372 : West face of keep, Macroom Castle by Richard FensomeCorkMacroom CastleW338729
R4401 : Castles of Munster: Castle Magner, Cork (1) by Mike SearleCorkMagner, CastleR443019
W5698 : Castles of Munster: Mallow, Cork by Mike SearleCorkMallow Castle (aka Castlelands)W562981
-CorkManning CastleR771031
-CorkMary, Castle (aka Carrig Cotta)W897675
W3770 : Castles of Munster: Mashanaglass, Cork by Mike SearleCorkMashanaglass CastleW370707
-CorkMilltown Castle-
-CorkMitchelstown Castle-
-CorkMogeely CastleW957940
R6500 : Castles of Munster: Monanimy , Cork (1) by Garry DickinsonCorkMonanimy CastleR651000
W7666 : Castles of Munster: Monkstown, Cork (2) by Garry DickinsonCorkMonkstown CastleW766662
W4346 : Castles of Munster: Monteen, Cork (4) by Garry DickinsonCorkMonteen CastleW430470
-CorkMossgrove CastleW431604
W6751 : Castles of Munster: Mountlong, Cork (2) by Mike SearleCorkMountlong CastleW676511
W6240 : No access to Old Head of Kinsale by Oliver HunterCorkOld Head of Kinsale Castle (aka Dunmacpatrick)W625406
W0831 : Castles of Munster: Oldcourt, Cork by Mike SearleCorkOldcourt CastleW083319
R6111 : Castles of Munster: Castle Pook, Cork by Mike SearleCorkPook, CastleR614113
W5654 : Castles of Munster: Poulnalong, Cork by Mike SearleCorkPoulnalong Castle (aka Ship-pool)W567546
W1932 : Castles of Munster: Raheen, Cork (1) by Mike SearleCorkRaheen CastleW193320
-CorkReenavanny CastleV974508
W0053 : Castles of Munster: Reenadisert, Cork (1) by Mike SearleCorkReenadisert CastleW001530
X0173 : Castles of Munster: Castle Richard, Cork (1) by Mike SearleCorkRichard, Castle (aka Inchicrenagh)X011737
W0130 : Rincolisky Castle - Whitehall Townland by Mac McCarronCorkRincolisky CastleW017303
W6348 : Castles of Munster: Ringrone, Cork by Mike SearleCorkRingrone CastleW635486
V9731 : Castles of Munster: Rossbrin, Cork by Mike SearleCorkRossbrin CastleV978313
V9240 : Castles of Munster: Rossmore, Cork (3) by Mike SearleCorkRossmore CastleV922409
-CorkRostellan Castle-
W9766 : Castles of Munster: Shanagarry, Cork (1) by Mike SearleCorkShanagarry CastleW977665
R5111 : Castles of Munster: Templeconnell, Cork by Mike SearleCorkTempleconnell CastleR519115
W4744 : Castles of Munster: Timoleague, Cork by Garry DickinsonCorkTimoleague CastleW472440
W1957 : Castles of Munster: Togher, Cork by Mike SearleCorkTogher CastleW196571
-CorkTreasure, Castle-
X1078 : Castles of Munster: Tynte's Castle, Youghal, Cork by Mike SearleCorkTynte's Castle (Youghal)X103781
W7471 : Castles of Munster: Wallingstown, Cork by Mike SearleCorkWallingstown CastleW745719
R6607 : Castles of Munster: Wallstown, Cork by Mike SearleCorkWallstown CastleR662072
W6051 : Remains of White Castle, near Ardcloyne by Hywel WilliamsCorkWhite Castle (aka Ardcloyne)W607513
R6802 : Castles of Munster: Castle Widenham, Cork (1) by Mike SearleCorkWidenham, Castle (aka Blackwater Castle)R685021
-CorkWrixon, Castle-


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