Irish Castles

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PhotoRegionCastleGrid Square
-GalwayAbbeyglen Castle-
M6512 : Castles of Connacht: Aille, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayAille CastleM655123
M4141 : Castles of Connacht: Anbally, Galway (2) by Mike SearleGalwayAnbally CastleM410412
M2837 : Castles of Connacht: Annaghdown, Galway (3) by Mike SearleGalwayAnnaghdown CastleM288377
M2044 : Annaghkeen Castles by dougfGalwayAnnaghkeen CastleM206447
R4495 : Castles of Connacht: Ardamullivan, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayArdamullivan CastleR444951
-GalwayArdfry CastleM347213
M4612 : Ruins of Ardrahan Castle by Fractal AngelGalwayArdrahan CastleM461123
-GalwayArkin CastleL887073
M5027 : Athenry castle by Graham HornGalwayAthenry CastleM504279
M1541 : Aughanure Castle by Aiden Clarke GalwayAughnanure CastleM153417
M4446 : Castles of Connacht: Ballinderry, Galway by Mike Searle GalwayBallinderry CastleM445462
M3129 : Castles of Connacht: Ballindooley, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayBallindooly CastleM315291
M3041 : Castles of Connacht: Ballinduff, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayBallinduff CastleM306419
M3327 : Ballybrit Castle by dougfGalwayBallybrit CastleM335275
M6518 : Castles of Connacht: Ballybroder, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayBallybroder CastleM652187
M7222 : Castles of Connacht: Ballydonnellan, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayBallydonnellan CastleM723223
M4806 : Thoor Ballylee / Túr Bhaile Uí Laí by TigerGalwayBallylee Castle (Thoor Ballylee)M481061
M5016 : Castles of Connacht: Ballylin, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayBallylin CastleM508161
M4509 : Castles of Connacht: Ballymaquiff, Galway (1) by Mike Searle GalwayBallymaquiff CastleM450096
M8719 : Castles of Connacht: Ballymore, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayBallymore CastleM879199
-GalwayBallymulfaig CastleM402019
-GalwayBallynabanaba CastleM745346
-GalwayBallynacourty CastleM363185
-GalwayBallynahinch CastleL763480
M5520 : Castles of Connacht: Ballynahivnia, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayBallynahivnia CastleM557208
N0015 : Banagher, "Cromwell's Castle" by Brian ShawGalwayBanagher CastleN004159
M5148 : Castles of Connacht: Barnaderg, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayBarnaderg CastleM516484
-GalwayBlake's Castle (Galway)M299252
M9418 : Castles of Connacht: Brackloon, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayBrackloon CastleM949189
-GalwayCaherakilleen CastleM553233
M3707 : Castles of Connacht: Cahererillan, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayCahererillan CastleM372070
M4106 : Castles of Connacht: Caherglassaun, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayCaherglassaun CastleM413065
M5320 : Castles of Connacht: Caherkinmonwee, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayCaherkinmonwee CastleM537209
-GalwayCahernamuck CastleM608197
M2343 : Cargin/Carraigin Castle by dougfGalwayCargin CastleM233434
M4128 : Small castle in ruins, Carnmore,  Galway by DeeEmmGalwayCarnmore CastleM411283
M5239 : Castles of Connacht: Cashlaundarragh, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayCashlaundarragh Castle (aka Ryehill)M523391
-GalwayCastlecreevy CastleM327389
M3128 : Castles of Connacht: Castlegar, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayCastlegar CastleM319280
-GalwayCastletown Castle-
M3733 : Claregalway Castle by Darrin AntrobusGalwayClaregalway CastleM373333
L6351 : Clifden Castle, Ruins of by Roger DielGalwayClifden CastleL635510
M2745 : Castles of Connacht: Cloghanower, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayCloghanower CastleM276451
M5824 : Castles of Connacht: Clogharevaun, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayClogharevaun CastleM581243
-GalwayCloghaun CastleM538108
M3914 : Cloghballymore House, Ballinderreen, County Galway by DeeEmmGalwayCloghballymore CastleM398140
-GalwayCloghroak CastleM493144
-GalwayClonbrock CastleM744397
M3430 : Castles of Connacht: Cloonacauneen, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayCloonacauneen CastleM342307
M3237 : Castles of Connacht: Cloonboo, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayCloonboo CastleM328370
R8099 : Castles of Connacht: Cloondagauv, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayCloondagauv CastleR806997
M7405 : Castles of Connacht: Clooneen, Galway (3) by Mike SearleGalwayClooneen CastleM745055
M4243 : Castles of Connacht: Corrofin, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayCorrofin CastleM426433
-GalwayCregg CastleM357375
-GalwayCregganna CastleM394214
M5315 : Castles of Connacht: Creggmulgrany, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayCreggmulgrany CastleM531152
-GalwayCummer CastleM406466
M5209 : Castles of Connacht: Castle Daly, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayDaly, CastleM520090
M5413 : Castles of Connacht: Deerpark, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayDeerpark CastleM546132
M4525 : Derrydonnell Castle by dougfGalwayDerrydonnell CastleM452252
M8708 : Castles of Connacht: Derryhivenny, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayDerryhivenny CastleM872085
M4437 : Castles of Connacht: Derrymaclaughna, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayDerrymaclaughna CastleM445376
M4310 : Ruined tower house - Drumharsna South Townland by Mac McCarronGalwayDrumharsna CastleM436105
M3810 : Dungory Castle, Kinvarra by Nigel CallaghanGalwayDunguaire Castle (aka Dungory)M380106
M5064 : Castles of Connacht: Dunmore, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayDunmore CastleM500640
M5621 : Castles of Connacht: Dunsandle, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayDunsandle CastleM569218
M3958 : Castles of Connacht: Fartamore, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayFartamore CastleM393588
M3758 : Castles of Connacht: Feartagar, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayFeartagar CastleM377582
R4195 : Castles of Connacht: Fiddaun, Galway (5) by Mike SearleGalwayFiddaun CastleR410958
M7645 : Castles of Connacht: Castle Ffrench, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayFfrench, CastleM763454
L9802 : O'Brien's Castle, Inis Oirr, Aran Islands by Christine MatthewsGalwayFurmina Castle (aka O'Brien's)L982023
M5739 : Castles of Connacht: Garbally, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayGarbally CastleM578398
M7166 : Castles of Connacht: Glinsk, Galway (2) by Mike SearleGalwayGlinsk CastleM715669
M4334 : Grange East castle by Graham HornGalwayGrange East CastleM430344
M3549 : Castles of Connacht: Castle Hacket, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayHackett, CastleM357492
M2746 : Castles of Connacht: Headford, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayHeadford CastleM270469
M5112 : Castles of Connacht: Isert Kelly, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayIsert Kelly CastleM519121
-GalwayIsland, CastleR473987
M4260 : Kilclooney Castle by dougfGalwayKilclooney CastleM423605
-GalwayKillaclogher CastleM548380
M3429 : Castles of Connacht: Killeen, Galway (2) by Mike SearleGalwayKilleen CastleM348296
-GalwayKillimor CastleM603283
M8034 : Castles of Connacht: Killure, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayKillure CastleM800349
M4000 : The Glebe House, Kilmacduagh Monastery by Humphrey BoltonGalwayKilmacduagh (fortified residence)M405001
M4504 : Kiltartan (or  Ballinamantain) Castle by dougfGalwayKiltartan Castle (aka Ballinamantain)M459047
M3932 : Castles of Connacht: Kiltroge, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayKiltroge CastleM396329
L9950 : Castles of Connacht: Castle Kirke, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayKirke, Castle L996502
M6221 : Castles of Connacht: Lackafinna, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayLackafinna CastleM629213
M4136 : Lackagh castle by Graham HornGalwayLackagh CastleM417365
M4716 : Castles of Connacht: Lavallyconnor, Galway (2) by Mike SearleGalwayLavallyconnor Castle M476165
-GalwayLeitrim CastleM685121
M9416 : Castles of Connacht: Lismore, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayLismore CastleM942160
M8711 : Castles of Connacht: Longford, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayLongford CastleM877119
M4307 : Castles of Connacht: Lydacan, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayLydacan Castle M438079
M2925 : Galway - Lynch's Castle / AIB Bank by Joseph MischyshynGalwayLynch's Castle (Galway)M297249
M5016 : Castles of Connacht: Mannin, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayMannin CastleM503168
M2827 : Castles of Connacht: Menlough, Galway (2) by Mike SearleGalwayMenlow Castle (Menlo/Menlough) M285278
M3325 : Merlin Park Castle by dougfGalwayMerlin Castle (aka Doughiske)M335259
M5436 : Castles of Connacht: Monivea, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayMonivea CastleM549364
-GalwayMoycola CastleM552175
M6149 : Castles of Connacht: Moylough, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayMoylough CastleM615490
M5323 : Castles of Connacht: Moyode, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayMoyode CastleM533231
M4423 : Moyveela by Graham HornGalwayMoyveela CastleM448237
M4201 : Newtown Castle, west of Gort by Dr Charles NelsonGalwayNewtown CastleM423019
M3724 : Castles of Connacht: Oranmore, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayOranmore CastleM377246
M7508 : Castles of Connacht: Pallas, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayPallas CastleM758085
-GalwayPark Castle (aka Cooltymurraghy)M784230
L5364 : Cromwell Fort, Port Island, Inishbofin by Espresso AddictGalwayPort Island CastleL533645
M8503 : Castles of Connacht: Portumna, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayPortumna CastleM853039
M4909 : Castles of Connacht: Rahaly, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayRahaly CastleM492095
M6018 : Castles of Connacht: Raruddy, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayRaruddy CastleM609188
-GalwayRathgorgin CastleM548240
-GalwayRicks Island CastleR480992
M3522 : Castles of Connacht: Rinville, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayRinville CastleM358225
L6563 : Castles of Connacht: Rinvyle, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayRinvyle CastleL657638
-GalwayRoo CastleM516189
-GalwaySt Clerans CastleM555199
M5417 : Castles of Connacht: Seefin, Galway by Mike SearleGalwaySeefin CastleM542178
M5220 : Castles of Connacht: Strongfort, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayStrongfort Castle (aka Caheradangan)M527201
M4142 : Castles of Connacht: Tawnaghmore, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayTawnaghmore Castle (aka Turloughcartron)M412424
M4614 : Castles of Connacht: Castle Taylor, Galway (1) by Mike SearleGalwayTaylor, CastleM466141
M2926 : Fortified house, Galway by Graham HornGalwayTerryland CastleM294264
-GalwayTullira CastleM474097
M2336 : Castles of Connacht: Tullokyne, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayTullokyne CastleM238367
M6820 : Castles of Connacht: Wallscourt, Galway by Mike SearleGalwayWallscourt CastleM688204


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