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Published: 27 April 2008
This page details the various areas we have where users can contribute content, this includes textual articles and collections of photos. If you are looking to submit a photo see the submission pageExternal link.

Below is a short overview of the various sections we have for contributing content, please choose an appropriate section for your idea. Thank you!

Articles / Pages

Ideal for a lengthy textual piece, created by a single user. The rich formatting options allow for very diverse content.
But equally can be used for all sorts of collections, needn't contain much text.

| View ArticlesExternal link | Submit an ArticleExternal link | See also: Creating, formatting and editing articlesExternal link |

Note: Also used for some guideline documentsExternal link

Discussion Based

We also have a number of content areas based on the forum, so these are good for ongoing content and may accept contributions from multiple users
share the following common features:


Good for image collections, allow images on a similar theme to be quickly collated.
| View GalleriesExternal link | Submit a GalleryExternal link |

Themed Topics

(renamed from Submitted Articles)
Good for collaborative topics on specific themes - usually includes some discussion.
| View TopicsExternal link | Start a new TopicExternal link |

Grid Square Discussions

Ideal for short discussions about specific locations, and/or adding local information.
| View DiscussionsExternal link | (Start a discussion from the browse page at the required location)

All of the above are trackable with RSS feeds, look for the RSS icons on the relevant pages.

Blog link - is a central place to post blog entries on anything related to Geograph. Can be used to post mini collections!


GeotripsExternal link is a showcase of routes travelled while taking Geograph images, i.e. "Geotrips: Trip reports based on Geograph pictures and an optional GPS track log". Of course, each trip is plotted on a zoomable OS map, relating each photo to the landscape it has been taken in.

Help Pages

We have number of pages that make up official documents, these are only editable by site developers - contact us if would like to see an update in this area.

| Linked from the FAQ pageExternal link | View a combined listExternal link |

Search Results

The search be definition results a 'collection' of images, based upon some criteria. You can use the 'Feature this searchExternal link' link to share a particularly interesting search.

TIP: The Marked ListExternal link is a nice way of creating a totally custom selection of images, and particularly suitable for being 'Featured' - just be sure to give a meaningful title to your search.

| Featured SearchesExternal link |

Shared Descriptions

By attaching a shared description to multiple images, its possible to create a mini collection of images. Every shared description gets a dedicated page, which lists the images its used on.

| View SampleExternal link | Article about Shared DescriptionsExternal link |

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