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Published: 24 June 2007

It's all Open Source

First and foremost Geograph is a community project, and to this end all the source code that powers the site is Open Source. See Geograph Project on GithubExternal link.

If you know what any of the following mean, and have an interest in helping out, then please get in touch
PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Smarty, Adodb, Javascript, jQuery, XML, RSS, KML, GeoRSS, REST.

Starting your own Geograph Project

As noted, the source is open-source, so can download the code, and use it to start a Geograph project for your own Country or area.

It's what Geograph GermanyExternal link did :)

It could be a lot of work, but we can attest to how fun and rewarding it can be! We would love to see more projects, and will do what we can to assist.

Building your own website using Geograph Images

We are starting a new network of Geograph Portals, mini websites loading a curated subset of geograph images.

Anyone can run these, with a bit of PHP/MySQL, and a webserver. Create a portal showcasing images on your own favourite topic.

Get the Code at: link - and customise as needed.

But even if don't want to use the geoportal as a foundation, can still use the API directly to access images, see below (or for large quantities of images, use the downloads).

Resources and Links

Supporting the developers

Even if you can't help us with coding directly, the developers are always looking for beta testers, and ideas for current and upcoming features. The Discussion area is the best place to find out about this, but contact us directly and there might be an unreleased feature you could help with.

See also the Geograph-API-UsersExternal link Google Discussion Group

Reusing our Images and Data

As all the images are Creative Commons Licensed, we actively promote reuse. We have an API available to make getting access to data, see this help page: LinkExternal link

Big ideas for Geograph

We have put together a page: Big Ideas for GeographExternal link, which lists a number of ideas for projects involving geograph data and/or the geograph website; particularly suited to work by a new or external developer.

Moving forward...

A random list of things we would love to see but don't have the time to develop ... (in no particular order)

... then there is, of course, the ongoing grammar and typo updates for documentation etc, and compatibility testing of all ongoing features ...

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