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Published: 9 November 2009
Buckets are groupings that photos can be added to. Adding photos to buckets is a collaborative process, any member can nominate a photo for a given bucket.

The idea behind buckets is they will allow more dynamic filtering of search results - to narrow down the results to particular types of image. Similarly to exclude (for example to exclude closeup shots).

This filtering process is not currently implemented directly.

Can get a preview of images in bucketsExternal link. More features to be added.


For your own images, you can also assign buckets directly from the 'tagging box' when submitting, or editing an image.

It is important to note any given photo can be in one or many buckets. But also that many images won't be in any buckets.

Guidelines for what the various buckets means, and the types of images that should be found inside.



TF1963 : Ladybird in the woods at Woodhall Spa by Dave Hitchborne For example a macro shot of a flower. Shows some context (if none, its a CloseCrop), but not as much as most photos.


(was called Telephoto - but changed, because easily confused with the photographic term)
NZ8911 : The harbour entrance, Whitby by Dave Hitchborne Taken as a very close crop of a subject - often with a telephoto lens.

A photo of a flower could be "Closeup", but its only "CloseCrop" too, if closely cropped to the flower itself.


NZ8910 : Inner Harbour, Whitby by Dave Hitchborne A wideangle shot - either with a wideangle lens or a stitched panorama. TF4068 : Monk's Field - A burial site or a by-pass? by Dave Hitchborne


A vista with no real defined subject, covers views and looking 'out' from somewhere. (to be clear this is not about the orientation, ie landscape/portrait')

A "landscape" photo will quite often be a Wideangle too, but its perfectly valid to not be wideangle.


(in general these wont be allocated by the photographer themselves, but added by the community)


An artistic or 'photographic' photo.


Shows unusual or interesting information.

Where taken


Taken from off the ground.


TF2522 : The Interior of the Church of St Mary and St Nicolas, Spalding by Dave Hitchborne Taken under a roof/shelter.


Taken underground - caves/mines etc.

In Time


The subject has now gone. You can't see this anymore by going to the location.

(Note: This bucket has been renamed from 'Historic' which was easily confused with the Geographical Context of similar name)


TF3066 : Big "A" 2800 Spreader at Low Hameringham by Dave Hitchborne Shows a subject not always in the location shown, ie Transient to the area. Wouldn't expect to see the same subject in an hour, day or weeks time.

What's in the photo


TF3465 : St Peter & St Paul, Old Bolingbroke by Dave Hitchborne Shows/includes people in the shot. Must be only where people are the subject.


Shows wildlife indigenous to the general local area (for our purposes excludes Humans)


SU6352 : Railway Station, Basingstoke by Dave Hitchborne Showing vehicles and other modes of transport. The actual vehicle/carriage, rather than simply its course/track/railway.
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