Images shortlisted for GOTY, 2006

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

C: Callum Black to Chris Upson

Callum Black (2831) 6

NN8030 : Cairns on Achnafree Hill by Callum Black NN9703 : Snow shower on Innerdownie by Callum Black NO0493 : Scots Pines by Callum Black NM1657 : Hogh Bay by Callum Black NM1858 : Glacial boulder by Callum Black NT1425 : Polmood Burn valley by Callum Black

Cathy Cox (2511) 2

SP5645 : Sulgrave Manor by Cathy Cox SP9411 : Footbridge over the A41 by Cathy Cox

Cedwyn Davies (6713) 2

SS7798 : The Ivy Tower by Cedwyn Davies SW5240 : Lobster pots on Smeaton's Pier by Cedwyn Davies

ceridwen (6699) 3

SN1300 : Royal Playhouse Cinema, Tenby by Natasha Ceridwen de Chroustchoff SN1438 : Sergeants  Inn, Eglwyswrw by Natasha Ceridwen de Chroustchoff SN4120 : The winter sales, Caerfyrddin/Carmarthen by Natasha Ceridwen de Chroustchoff

Charles Rispin (7301) 1

TA0928 : Sky at Queen Victoria Square, Hull by Charles Rispin

Chris Cole (4675) 1

SP8020 : Thatched Cottage, Whitchurch by Chris Cole

Chris Court (1576) 1

NS3242 : Eglinton Castle by Chris Court

Chris Eilbeck (1105) 12

NG9794 : Cairn, Carn Dearg an Droma by Chris Eilbeck NT0960 : Cairns Castle by Chris Eilbeck SU5398 : Boathouse, River Thames by Chris Eilbeck NT3540 : Priesthope Sware by Chris Eilbeck NH0975 : Summit cairn, Creag Rainich by Chris Eilbeck NH1925 : Waterfall, Abhainn Gleann nam Fiadh by Chris Eilbeck NT3544 : Blackhopebyre Burn by Chris Eilbeck NN0499 : Bog pool, E ridge of Gairich by Chris Eilbeck NT2426 : Dryhopehope and the Kirkstead burn by Chris Eilbeck NC2429 : Outflow, Loch na Gainmhich by Chris Eilbeck NG8284 : Estuary of the  Allt na Leth-chreige by Chris Eilbeck NT3125 : Mountbenger Farm by Chris Eilbeck

Chris Heaton (3298) 9

SE0379 : River Cover by Chris Heaton SE2569 : Field above Spa Gill Woods by Chris Heaton SE2564 : Fields by Volla Wood by Chris Heaton SD7551 : Past Lane (North) by Chris Heaton SE2374 : Market Cross, Kirkby Malzeard by Chris Heaton SE1775 : Track on Grewelthorpe Moor by Chris Heaton SE1475 : Shooting House below Combs Crags by Chris Heaton NT4529 : Corbylinn Road by Chris Heaton SD9361 : On Hetton Common by Chris Heaton

Chris Tweedy (4115) 1

NZ2681 : Bedlington Bridge, south east Northumberland by Chris Tweedy

Chris Upson (2067) 17

NS5078 : Auchineden Spout, Greenan Glen by Chris Upson NS6167 : Petershill Road looking towards Red Road Tower Blocks by Chris Upson NS6265 : Swans at Sunrise, Alexandra Park by Chris Upson NS7264 : Bowling Club and Tower Blocks, Coatbridge by Chris Upson NS7068 : M73, Junction 2a by Chris Upson J3729 : Lindsay's Leap by Chris Upson SD2361 : South East Point, Walney Island by Chris Upson NS7179 : Impressive Gorge on the Garrell Burn by Chris Upson NS7179 : Top of Gorge on Garrell Burn by Chris Upson SD1876 : Mud flats looking across to Black Combe by Chris Upson SD1874 : Gateway to the Beach at Lowsy Point by Chris Upson SD1770 : West Shore Park by Chris Upson NS7573 : Blue Bridge, Cumbernauld by Chris Upson NS7175 : Beech Trees in Barhill Wood by Chris Upson SD1865 : Loverholme Bed, Walney Island by Chris Upson NT0139 : Lonesome Rowan by Chris Upson SD2971 : Maskel Point by Chris Upson


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